Mornings Bahh

By D0pe · Apr 29, 2014 · ·
  1. D0pe
    Have you ever woke up in the morning and just felt refreshed and ready for the day ?

    Me either.. I cannot remember waking up and feeling normal or like i am in tip top shape. I am in my late 20's but in the morning i feel like i am in my late 60's . Whatever that is like ?

    I have some very specific rules in the morning. I do not want to talk to you and all i care about is heating up a cup of instant coffee.. Why instant ? Because its faster !! It only

    takes about 1 minute in the microwave...

    I will stumble over to the couch with my coffee and take my morning allotted medicine dose.

    Please do not talk to me, Please do not ask me to do anything, please do not bring up any plans for the day.. Just let me be.

    So i will look stare off into space for about 10-30 minutes pretty much dead to the world.

    So after about 30 minutes i am reasonably fine.. I still like at least 1 hour to sit around and veg on the couch.

    Ok i still would like another hour... Better make it 2 hours..

    I dislike morning and yet i at one time would cherish them... What changed ?

    I dunno maybe the fact that i feel like my brain is being ripped out of its skull changed. The slightest noise irritates me, and i hate light.. What is with all you people that talk like to open the curtains and let the morning light in.

    What ever happened to just covering up the walls with tin foil and bed sheets and having the lights down..


    Leave me alone in the morning. Please !!!!

    Note: Not subject to drugs forum members.. Only should apply to those who can physically mingle in my world. Side note: I only check the forum after i am awake..

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  1. Dawn Godess
    There's a tracker on your PC!!:p Go get some clothes on man! And turn the webcam off for' gwad's sakes!! Eeewww!!! We'll all be there for coffee in a minute, signed every fucker on DF :laugh: xxxx
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    I hear ya, DOpe. Not much of a morning person myself anymore. And I, too, used to shoot out of my bed like a Cheerios commercial kid years ago, cherishing mornings. I am also clueless as to what happened.

    Very nice writing. I enjoyed this and can more than relate. :- (Me at 8 a.m. on any given day, tripping my way through to my coffee maker in my floppy slippers and too-long robe: "Where the HELL did that rug come from?"}
  3. D0pe
    Ahh yes Morning are still the same.. I wake up and look at the ceiling contemplating on if i should roll out of bed or just lay there and slip back into dream land. Waking up.. Neck is stiff, Body aches, Throat and mouth is dry which is especially annoying. Holy cow just leave me be...

    Drugs Forum members are welcomed to have coffee with me Via Skype or drugs forum chat.. If you need my personal address to come over in the morning.. Go F yourself.. But of course you can stop by in the afternoon for 3 hots, a cot, and a good fondling..

    Mornings though.. Bah just go away..
  4. D0pe
    Coffe please !!! Barrrrrr
  5. Alka_holic
    i feel ya man, i dont know if its the fact that i go to work so damn early (gotta be in by 6am) or i just dont get good sleep. see i have litttle ones that love to climb into our bed at night and i have to sleep in the fetal position or ill get kicked and headbutted during the night. always sore and always feelin like im tired as fuck no matter how much sleep/rest i get. and the morning drive is the worst, why the hell do so many peopl work so early? i cant believe how much traffic there is in my town.
  6. marathonmel7
    I too share your sentiment about mornings. Argh! I am having so much trouble getting out of bed lately due to detoxing right now. My body aches and I am so exhausted. Whatever happened to waking up refreshed? I'm 33 and I too feel like an old fart. What's worse is I work a job where i'm required to get up early. My morning ritual consists of the coffee pot brewing, making some waffles to eat, sitting on my ass for at least a half hour to try and prepare myself for my upcoming day. I have a dog so no conversation is necessary so I don't have to deal with anyone's else's shit. Just and my dog who also drags his feet on getting out of bed. I too, hate light. I try and keep it as dark in my house as possible. I don't do tin foil or blankets on the windows but I never open my blinds and wear heavy sunglasses wherever I go outside. Sunlight although necessary for life, is annoying. i'd prefer dark and dreary and rainy days to sunny, warm and joyous days. I think i need to move to Alaska where there is a lot of darkness and cold weather which is what I love. Or maybe Seattle where it always rains. To me a perfect day is a day where it's dreary and thunder storming! So nice! Instead I live in sunny California. I'd rather live somewhere else.

    But yeah, Dope I agree with you about your mornings. Don'e talk to me, I don't want to hear what you have to say until I at least get two cups of coffee in my system. And I definitely don't and won't answer my phone. I'm hoping after I get detoxed from my DOC I will feel more motivated and better in the mornings. I need to be on point for my job and right now I'm not. Good blog though dope. It made me chuckle.
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