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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Criminal gangs in southern Spain have been dealt a heavy blow by the arrest of a Moroccan drugs baron who supplied them with wholesale shipments of hashish.

    Guardia Civil officers arrested the man as he tried to drive his Porsche onto a ferry in Tarifa.

    An investigation by the Guardia Civil’s organised crime unit, EDOA, established that the man oversaw the sale and distribution of large amounts of drugs to several gangs based in Andalucia.

    The investigation followed the seizure last November of 1.5 tonnes of hashish and the arrest of six smugglers based in La Linea.

    “During that operation, our officers established the identity of one of the principal suppliers of hashish in northern Morocco,” the Guardia Civil said in a statement yesterday.

    The Spanish officers established that the man, identified only by the initials N.A., would contact criminal gangs through his right-hand man based in Spain.

    But they also learned that he would travel to Spain to personally oversee the logistics arrangements for clandestine shipments into Spain and subsequent distribution to other markets in Europe.

    He would then return to Morocco to despatch the drugs.

    When the EDOA team later learned that the man was on one of these visits to Spain, they laid an ambush for him.

    On September 11, they arrested him as he was about to board a vessel to Tangier.

    Wednesday, 15th September 2010


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