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  1. TheBigBadWolf

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suchtmedizin (German Society for Addiction Medicine):
    Beginning April 1, 2015, morphine can be prescribed as Substitute in Opiate Substitution Therapy. The producer mundipharma has developped a morphine with long lasting effect (extended release). The preparation is a capsule containing granulated morphine and is branded "Substitol®".

    The aproval appliance study was done between 2008 and 2010 in Treatment centers in Switzerland and Germany. The competitive substance was D-L-(-rac)methadone.

    Experiences from Austria and Switzerland
    In Austria SROM (slow-release oral morphine) is in use already for a longer time. Dr. Hans Haltmeyer, the delegate for Addiction and drugs of the city of Vienna, reported about his experiences with Substitol® in an interview with dgs-info. (access through original source):
    the OEGABS (Austrian Society for medicinal treatment of addicts has built a new site for information about Substitol®.

    The Comparative Study of methadone and SROM was done for approval in Germany and Switzerland. Switzerland allowed Morphine as maintenance medication already in 2013, the preparation is "Sevre-Long®".The Swiss Organisation FOSUMOS (Forum Addiction Medicine Eastern Switzerland) has also launched an information site with further intense information on SROM in Maintenance Therapy.

    Risks and Abuse Potential of Substitol®:

    Substitol® can - as showed on certain pertinent internet fora - relatively easy be dissolved and injected. Because of this Substitol Caps can be opened by staff during administration at clinics if there is abuse suspected, to ensure a secure application of the substance.

    The fact Substitol® is still produced in a composition that can be misused and on top is containing talc is crticised heavily throughout Austria.

    In Germany prescriptions on Insurance prescription only commences from 1 of April, in beforehand there is no insurance price list avaiilable. Substitol can - along the lines of the BtMVV (prescription regulation for narcotics - Betäubungsmittelverschreibungsverordnung)- be prescribed as take-homes.

    Text&Pic 24 March 2015 http://www.dgsuchtmedizin.de/
    translation and excerption from Original


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