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Morphine charges follow drugs bust

By buseman, Jun 3, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A 60-year-old Wellington man is facing drugs charges after police seized nearly $50,000 worth of morphine from his central city home this morning.

    The man, arrested at his central Wellington home about 8.30am, has been charged with conspiracy to supply morphine, possession of morphine for supply, and two counts of supplying morphine, after 817 tablets of morphine sulphate tablets were found at his home, Detective Sergeant Warren McKee said.

    Police said the tablets had a street value of $48,170.

    He is the sixth person to be charged with supplying the class B controlled drug in as many months, with police seizing about $80,000 worth in that time. More than 1350 tablets have been seized.

    Police had targeted suppliers of the tablets in the Wellington district, Mr McKee said.

    We had identified an increase in hospital admissions and deaths directly relating to overdoses by drug users converting these morphine sulphate tablets into heroin.

    The seizures had made a significant impact on the illicit market for these pills, he said.

    The man is due to appear in Wellington District Court this afternoon.

    The Dominion Post


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