Moscow Wax Figure Exhibition Highlights Graphic Dangers of Drugs

By Alfa · Apr 19, 2007 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Moscow Wax Figure Exhibition Highlights Graphic Dangers of Drugs

    Created: 18.11.2005 14:13 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 14:13 MSK document.write(get_ago(1132312387));
    An exhibition showing the life of a drug addict — from the very first dose to death — has opened in Moscow.

    The display, called “On the Brink”, was created by the Association of St. Petersburg Wax Museums in 2002 and has already visited more than 20 Russian cities enjoying the support of the Federal Service for Drug Control.

    Created to promote a healthy way of life by showing what drugs can do to a human being, it creates a strong impression on visitors. The organizers even have liquid ammonia on hand to resuscitate anyone who faints at the sight of the disfigured faces of drug addicts or the embryo of an addict’s baby in formalin.

    See here for the pics:

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  1. Benga
    wow...this makes me think of something that I can't really put my finger on.
    maybe it has to do with maoist ballets of the cultural revolution and third reich expos...
    oh the dying Freddy Mercury picture...this is somehow truly frightening, especially for the future of Russia...

    guess we'll have to stay tuned for the next shows : the bloodthirsty children raping tchetchens, and the cannibal african immigrants coming to steal the bread of the russians etc...

  2. fnord
    tchetchens? whats that?
  3. grandbaby
    Aside from opium (hardly a common street drug 'round these parts; I wonder if it is in Moscow, and if so, anyone want to take a vacation there with me? :)) no specific drugs were mentioned. Are these caffeine addicts? Nicotine junkies? Alcohol abusers with the dirty fingernails so common among boozers? Are they hooked on Adderall? Prozac? Wellbutrin? Penicillin? Are they hooked on Tesco's Magic Mushroom Sauce? "Double stacked" bunk LSD blotters? Are they daily abusers of 5-MeO-AMT? Is the marihuana draining the very life from their bodies?

    Yes, friends, these are DRUG ADDICTS. They are on DRUGS. Nobody who is on DRUGS is not an ADDICT. All DRUG ADDICTS wind up like that sodomite Freddy Mercury, wasted and rotting on his black throne. Don't look in the mirror, kids: you see death approaching! (carpe diem! carpe diem!)
  4. grandbaby
  5. Alfa
  6. enquirewithin
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