Most Europeans Reject Marijuana Legalization

By jholmes800 · Dec 23, 2006 · ·
  1. jholmes800
    (Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Few adults in Europe believe marijuana should be readily available for personal consumption, according to the Eurobarometer conducted by TNS Opinion & Social. Only 26 per cent of respondents in 30 countries believe cannabis should be legalized.
    The Netherlands has the highest support for legalization at 49 per cent, followed by Spain with 40 per cent, Britain and the Czech Republic with 32 per cent each, and Ireland with 30 per cent. In Romania, Sweden and Finland, less than 10 per cent of respondents concur.
    In the Netherlands, marijuana is classified as a controlled substance, and its possession and production for personal use are considered misdemeanours. Still, the Dutch Ministry of Justice has developed a "policy of allowance" which outlines specific cases in which public prosecutors should not pursue a case. This policy is usually applied to the consumption of soft drugs.
    Polling Data
    Do you agree with the personal consumption of cannabis being legalized throughout Europe?
    ("Agree" answers listed)
    European Union
    Czech Republic

    Source: TNS Opinion & Social / Eurobarometer
    Methodology: Interviews with 29,152 people ages 15 and over in the 25 European Union (EU) member nations, two acceding countries, two candidate countries and the Turkish Cypriot Community, conducted from Sept. 6 to Oct. 10, 2006. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent.

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  1. Alfa
    So a 1100 people to represent each country? 29.000 people represent 728 million people? That's taking one mans opinion and taking his/hers for that of 25.000 people. There is no way that this is even close to accurate.
  2. Nature Boy
    Opinion polls mean nothing. I don't care what the average Joe's opinion on marijuana legalisation is, the issue doesn't even apply to a large amount of these people seeing as they have no personal involvement in or understanding of the issue. Issues such as this aren't for the public to decide, that's why the issue rarely, if ever, goes down to referendum. Legalisation, or at least decriminalization, should be implemented by governments in order to better their respective nations' own tax-related financial gains. That's their job afterall. Governments introduce many measures that majorities disagree with. Still doesn't mean that certain decisions will have to be made.
  3. viha
    In Estonia some time ago was a poll again. Now 59% said no. So that makes 41% for YES now! :laugh:
  4. doggy_hat
    Because after all, How are 1,000,000 people smarter than 1?

    The poll's selection is very small. And it could've been selective, they don't mention how they chose the people to interview. If you stand outside a shopping mall asking random people, and then outside of a jailhouse, you'll get vastly different results.
  5. c3h5n3o9
    How about Romania? 9%? :)
    but i am agree with Alfa;29.000 people can not represent 728 million people opinion. one man for every 25100 people.
  6. corvardus
    Even if this poll is taken at face value this does not significantly change the retardation of the whole business. Remember that the medical benefits of marijuana in the scientific arena is growing and growing.

    Ever higher are the numbers of studies that have indicated how beneficial it can be yet this is still a Schedule 1 substance that not even doctors can prescribe.

    At the very least it should be moved to Schedule 2 where doctors can actually prescribe it and let the "hearts and minds" be dealt with in time.

    Showing an opinion poll is tantamount to saying "Well the majority don't want it legalised, so lets keep it as it is" bugger the millions of people who could benefit medically by it.
  7. Electric Wizard
    Unfortunately I don't have a source but I remember seeing a poll like this just for the UK and if I remember correctly it had three answers, the third being something along the lines of 'no comment'. I'm sure I remember the answers for yes being higher than those for no and the rest were for the third answer.
    Just throwing that out there as food for thought.
  8. Crazy Insane Sanity
    I agree, but as Winston Churchill once said, "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those others that have been tried."

    At least in a democracy people have a little bit of an opportunity to make a change, instead of strictly being told what is right for them. It just sucks that the general population is comprised of intellectual morons...this is why I think that proper education should be our government's primary agenda (I live in the U.S.), but instead it's too busy trying to babysit and dictate the entire world...making people increasingly dependent on rules. Not thinking about what's actually right and wrong, but what they are told is right and wrong, and must accept without exception.

    It is a trap that is destroying the minds of humanity, and must be corrected...however its correction will surely first require collapse and chaos (but we can always hope for an easier transition).

    It just pisses me off that a government can think it has the right to restrict how individuals choose to alter their own consciousness, as if it is some all-knowing entity that knows what's best for everyone and can therefor dictate their lives. They have effectively thrown the freedom of personal responsibility out the window, and replaced it with, "Do what we say is best for you, or be severely punished."

    Sometimes when Swim looks at the world he sees this huge joke. When Swim sits and explains the hilarity that has him so hysterical, I frown and shake my head. Unfortunately for us, this hilarious world that Swim sees is not an illusory product of hallucinogenic drugs, but the very reality we together help comprise. I suppose it takes the mind of a psychonaut (whether by use of drugs, natural contemplative meditation, or what-have-you) to point out such obvious social follies...
  9. SkipBrutale
    The pole says it has a 3.1% margin of error. How far off do you guys think 29k peoplecwill typically be from 728 million in an A B decision? They poled 3.9% of the population. That's not an insignificant number.
  10. Agrajag
    I think most people would say that cannabis shouldn't be legalised, because they are missinformed.

    Weed carries a bad stigma with it. People hear the word "drug" and immediately think of crime, addiction and negative effects. If people were informed of the truth about cannabis, then I'm sure their opinions would change.

    When SWIM has a spliff, he tells me he certainly doesn't feel violent towards other people, or anything like that (as people do with alcohol and other drugs). Neither SWIM or anyone he knows have ever been admitted to hospital because of weed, and they've never caused anyone any trouble while stoned either. It just seems like the country would be a much friendlier, and safer, place if weed was everyone's drug of choice, instead of, for example, alcohol.
  11. Sprax
    Interesting thing about the list. The countries with the highest use of cannabis are also the most positive. So the countries that hold the negative views are the ones where people don't know what it is.
  12. fatal
    people are also not always truthful in filling out surveys related to drugs or drug laws and less specifically criminal activity in general. like all those high school drug use surveys the numbers are unreliable. people are just simply inclined to be less truthful. i have no data to support this. however i think it is common knowledge. from personal experience i know it is true. anyways surveys have limited effectiveness. in the case of taboo issues like drugs or breaking social norms people will generally make the surveys even less effective by polluting the numbers. besides all that you really cant believe everything. sometimes people use bullshit as a foundation to build over the truth, then covering it with a giant mountain of bullshit. then all youre left with is a bunch of bullshit with a little bit of truth in it... anyways...


  13. CoreyCannabis
    so weird. i wonder how many europeans are in favor of alcohol criminalization,,? Im guessing the Germans would be like .9 % for that one huh?
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