Most Pointless Blog Entry Feb 2008 Nomination #4

  1. Pretend_you_dont_see_Her
    SWIM has recently been through a lot of big changes and has not coped with them very well, to put it one way they have recently developed some minor issues with leaving the house during the day, some long standing issues with alcohol, and they are struggling with uni even more than they did last year (this is a very bad thing).

    Currently SWIM has no idea where they are headed, but it seems they may be on the verge of making some serious decisions in the next few months about what the next few years are gonna involve... :confused:

    SWIM has either lost or is too far away from the 5 people they would consider to be closest to (wether or not these people would/did consider them the same way is questionable), and is scared SHITLESS.

    SWIM has just been venting/moaning. Things will look up for them soon. They hope.


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  1. savingJenniB
    Sometimes being scared shitless is the first step.

    Why not try an AA meeting ~ it couldn't hurt . . . and maybe - just maybe it will help?
  2. Cakes
    A lot of people do like AA, even some folks that go home and drink still go there voluntarily for the friends or what idk. i don't like AA. but that is because i hate the part about how we can't do "it" ourselves.

    here is our philosophy>
    first, to stay and feel comfortable at home is okay.
    not only okay but you are obligated to do so sometimes.
    this is why>>people need space. and that's ours. we have tried to exist Out Of Body and some say it can be done but no one posts up about going grocery shopping that way.
    so if we feel like it won't go well, it's okay to stay home.

    It's not bad to share your space, but as you have noticed, sometimes our friends are not home. sometimes they are home but their lights are not on.
    those folks like us<they are experiencing temporary technical difficulties. this is not okay but it is okay since you feel that things can get better<since you feel that way, there is a reason for it> your nature will allow you to recover. since you see that and know it, then no fear dude. and in the meantime, staying at home is a good way to feel better. it can help not only you. but them. most of us do not really have room in our lives for more than the people that we live with. we are lucky as shit if we can cover that as a matter of fact. and so if freetime could have gone better the last time you played together, it is okay and right to try again later after you both have had some more cookies and a chance to get your head fed during storytime.

    to give anything a break is good when you feel the burn-out coming. like school or whatever. cutting back to part-time and or ditching the hard stuff until later. "to sleep on it" is not always folklore>neither is "drug of choice". drug of choice implies we migrate or vary our diet. same for the rest of our lives>sometimes after a little while when you go back to an enterprise, you have had time for stuff to sink in. and sort out. and the plan and the workings become more clear. this can be true for math and for personal relationships and for most everything we think about.

    Photography is a lot of fun, huh? and there can be money in it<tougher to do in a small town than a large one; but from the looks of your blog you can write too and that makes it easier to do from a small town.

    I mentioned the small town aspect because I notice the irrigation ditch going through the pasture in your avatar. and mentioned the money and fun because you were saying how it is kind of a transition period for you. I used to do a little of the photos for pay thing and it was a cool gig. Kind of make your own schedule. i did weddings and retirement parties>so you get a built-in party, free food and a hundred or more USD. later i used to watch those dudes with the ponies and the polaroid. they set up in a parking lot in the city and they would rake in the dough. I also thought about the travel stories where there are pix and a poignant but light hearted review of some popular destination or activity<<those markets starve for good writers I think. You have an open style it seems, and a good first person; maybe you would have fun with free-lance human interest stuff. kind of direct your emotion to a useful channel. people might identify with you too. and also some cash on the side.

    the photography and writing is just one of many things you could have fun at for a while. it seems as if there is little to choose from sometimes. fast food or similar but actually there are just loads once someone gets to looking around a bit. i didn't notice until i was old, so maybe it is usual for young people not to know this. but it is true.

    You were mentioning things not going well at uni and so we will say if you are going there to secure a job that pays attention to the age of the people being hired, you still have a few years leeway since you are very young<<such jobs are worth a second thought anyway and their nature is such that even if you take a few years off, you can still get one if you are willing and able to play that game (entry level/requiring degree, at a successful corp).

    i hear a LOT of jokes about how bad work is, so i know I am not alone in thinking it can suck. good news is that for the worst of jobs, usually getting there in the morning is the worst part but a better option is to get something that you like to do. <<and this last part is quite possible due to the diversity of the directions that money flows out there.

    also people are like that. friends come and go. and some come again.

    so yeah, we agree you were onto something when you thought "just chill". it has worked for me in most things in life. in my relations with others and for catching that elusive answer during a (school) test. it is especially good for when it comes time to be at peace with life decisions <<and also for organizing the energy to accomplish the actual physical acts needed to carry these things forward. <<word for the day is no longer flight, it's chill. and then we are more able to take Flight.

    ha ha, wanna know that's how i have ever got through the jones for cigs. to say> later. and so i wouldn't then. and then later if i still postponed it, that was okay too. like the AA saying of "one day at a time" only it was an hour at a time. only way i could get my house cleaned sometimes. i guess it was a form of redirect. and that's all you really need maybe. just an important goal. and no worries cause one will come<no worries since you already have one, huh?
  3. Pretend_you_dont_see_Her
    Thanks for the advice people xxx
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