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Mother arrested after child reportedly ingests LSD

By Abrad, Jun 22, 2006 | Updated: Jun 22, 2006 | |
  1. Abrad
    A 3-year old boy from the Austin area remains in intensive care after police say he reportedly ingested nine pieces of candy laced with LSD.

    His mother, Ashli Rene Freas, 22, was arrested for endangering a child. Investigators say she waited for more than an hour before her friends called 911 to get her son some help.

    Police said Freas and her boyfriend took the child to a party Sunday night somewhere in the Parmer and Duval area. They say the youngster ate nine Sweet Tarts laced with LSD while his mother and her boyfriend were both outside.

    Police and paramedics who responded say the 3-year-old was showing obvious signs of hallucination when they arrived.

    "As the mother was carrying the child down the stairs, he was grasping in the air. He was reaching out for things that weren't there, calling out crying, screaming then calming down and then going right back into that and she said this was not normal behavior for him," said Jeff Hayes, Cedar Park police.

    Cedar Park police are working with austin police trying to find out where the party was in Austin and who was there. They want to know how a 3-year-old was able to get to LSD.

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