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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Mother charged in son's marijuana-dealing operation

    (MCT) Oct. 26--A Shorewood School District employee has been charged in federal court -- again -- with being part of her son’s lucrative marijuana-dealing operation in Fox Point, according to court documents.

    Vicki E. Johnson, a speech/language pathologist, was originally charged in October 2008 with being a part of the drug-dealing conspiracy, but the prosecutor dropped her from the case the following month, according to records.

    Johnson, 57, whose name is spelled as “Vicki” and “Vikki” in federal court records, was indicted earlier this month, this time with keeping a drug house and failing to give authorities information about the operation. If convicted, she faces up to 23 years in prison.

    Blane McCann, superintendent of Shorewood schools, said Monday that Johnson is still an employee but declined to comment further on her status.

    Others charged in the case include her son, William Johnson; her former husband, Rolfe Johnson; and two other men -- Eliot Schmader and Timothy Urbashich. Their cases are pending.

    Michael Fitzgerald, the attorney who represented Johnson the first time she was charged, did not return a call for comment. Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Sanders also did not return a call.

    According to court documents, William Johnson employed his parents to help him sell hundreds of pounds of high-grade marijuana and he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug proceeds on gems from Brazil.

    William Johnson sold 100 to 200 pounds of marijuana a month at $3,400 a pound and had growing operations in Mequon and Glendale, and also brought pot in from other states, they said.

    He stored proceeds at his mother’s Fox Point home, hiding vacuum-sealed cash in shoe boxes and pillowcases, which were so heavy that an informant reported barely being able to pick one up, documents said.

    By MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE Monday, October 26, 2009 - 5:09 p.m.



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