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Mother charged with giving baby meth

  1. lulz


  1. AquafinaOrbit
    Hard to believe a meth head would give up drugs freely to someone who did not demand them. Probably was a mistake, though one a competent parent would not have made.
  2. jux
    how the hell do you confuse baby formula with meth?

    in any case, hopefully the baby is ok...and that mother should not ever be around kids again....ever.
  3. stoneinfocus
    If there´s a chance for shit to happen it happens, given a logn enough time period... well and this is possible and there it happened.

    No need overexaggerating it, could well be anti-meth propaganda at its finest.

    The real problem is, that around where swim lives lots of parents kill their children, because they´re so frustrated/perspectiveless or just annoyed of their babies, lettign them dissapear, die or murder them and then rather profit form the ensuing media, meetings with officials, instead of being sued for murder, but who is swim to judge?
  4. doppey
    Lots of addicts (Mostly mothers) Stash their drugs in their babies carriage, toys and whatnot after walking from copping. Bitch prolly stashed a baggie in the bottle and decided to give the kid a drink figuring it was still closed, but it had opened or had a hole.
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