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Mother faces court on drug charges

By buseman · Jul 3, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    A 47-year-old Geraldton woman who provided dexamphetamine tablets to her friends has been warned she will face jail if she is ever caught again.

    The mother of five yesterday pleaded guilty in the Geraldton Magistrates Court to possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply.

    The court heard the woman had taken the tablets from her husband's prescription bottle and given them to friends and associates.

    Magistrate Ed de Vries said he found it hard to accept a mother of five would think it is okay to distribute dexamphetamines in the community.

    He fined her $800 and granted her a spent conviction because she had no prior record.

    She was warned that if she ever returned to the court for distributing dexamphetamines, she might find herself in Greenough Prison.

    Fri Jul 2, 2010


  1. WhiteRock
    That's where swim usually lived!

    Thanks for all the information you've been posting, keep it up :D
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