mother gets 25yrs for injecting a minor

By psyvision2000 · Aug 23, 2005 · ·
  1. psyvision2000
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    <TD vAlign=center width="100%" background= bgColor=#e8e8f1>[​IMG]Mother gets 25 years for injecting teen with cocaine 07-08-2005 13:03</TD>
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    <TD>Indy Star
    5 August 2005

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    <TD =xq>Mom gets 25 years in cocaine case
    Woman also gets 10 years' probation for injecting a teen visitor with the drug.

    By Paul Bird
    [email protected]

    A Shelbyville mother of three young children was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her role in injecting a teenage boy with cocaine.

    Shanna L. Holwager received the sentence Friday from Shelby Superior Court Judge Jack Tandy.

    Tandy initially sentenced Holwager to 35 years on a charge of dealing cocaine but suspended 10 years in favor of probation.

    The probe began March 4 when Holwager was hospitalized after injecting cocaine and overdosing.

    After she was released from the hospital, Emily Perry, an investigator for Shelby County Office of Family and Children, and Shelbyville Police Officer Bob Cook checked on the children during a walk-through of the house with Holwager.

    Investigators said they found cocaine, marijuana, hypodermic needles and other paraphernalia at several locations.

    Police Detective Robert Brinkman Jr. was summoned.

    "Brinkman's investigation revealed that Holwager had injected the juvenile with cocaine on the same evening when Holwager had overdosed," said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Brad Landwerlen.

    "Holwager and the boy said that the teenager had never tried cocaine and wondered what it would be like. So, Holwager injected him with cocaine three times that night."

    The 17-year-old was a visitor. The dealing charge stemmed from injecting him.

    "Under Indiana law, a person deals a drug when he or she delivers it to another, and injecting a juvenile with cocaine is the most offensive delivery of drugs I've seen," Landwerlen said. "She knew that she was introducing the juvenile for the first time to a lifestyle that leads either to jail, if he's lucky, or a coffin, if he's not."

    Landwerlen commended Brinkman for the investigation.

    "Had Brinkman not conducted such a thorough investigation, we would have never know that Holwager had been injecting any juvenile with cocaine, as we had received no reports of this activity."

    County Prosecutor R. Kent Apsley applauded the sentence.

    "Our office is particularly strict in cases involving drugs and kids," he said.

    Apsley said the sentence sends a message to the community and could prevent at least one child from being introduced at such a young age to a "doper lifestyle" and addiction.

    Holwager's three children, ranging in age from 2 to 6, are under state supervision</TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></TABLE>

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  1. Muirner
    wow, that pisses me off, i'm going to get high, what a dumb bitch honestly. do u have no fucking clue? The kid is 17, and your shooting him with coke. If i was that kids mom i'd go visit that bitch in jail and kick the shit out of her.

  2. swanprincess75
    Wow, that ticks me off as well. I am a mom and under no circumstances do we do anything when the kids are home. I cant believe that she has stuff and NEEDLES in the home where her children SLEEP!!! [​IMG] She should have got life without paroll and maybe another manslaughter charge for the brain she just screwed up, guaranteed from that coc injection. Like you would actually let ANYONE try it if they never did before at any fricken age. Im still pissed at that bastard for handing me my first "baggy" ages ago. I would never let anyone try it for the first time in my presence!! Condemming that woman to hell!!!!!!!!![​IMG] Edited by: swanprincess75
  3. Cure20
    That is the biggest bunch of fucking bullshit I have ever heard. What type of sick and twisted person are you when you inject a 17 year old child so you can feel better about yourself, because that is what this is exactly about.

    Not only that now these two young kids have just been implanted with the idea that doing drugs isn't all that bad because someone that is supposed to be a role model made it OK.
  4. gwioi
    yes yes..why not a use penis ...wife..injection..strange
    idee.....but efficiant... minder than penis in your
    ass....but always a trauma ...ask him...
  5. Woodman
    That woman needs to adopt a Drugsforum member
    out of the Cocaine forum.

    If she had done that, none of this would have been

    ...and gwioi, I have NO IDEA what you're trying to say!
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