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  1. Finn Mac Cool
    A Belfast mother, who lost her son after he took the so-called legal high mephedrone, is begging people not to take the drug.

    Frances Finn's son Michael Malone, who was due to become a father to triplets, was found dead in a friend's house in February.

    "It was his birthday recently. He would have been 24. Instead of celebrating at home and having a party I'd to go up to the cemetery", his mother told UTV.

    "I just wanted to dig him up. I wanted him up. I wanted to hug him and tell him everything was all right."

    "I wouldn't recommend anyone taking mephedrone",
    she told UTV.

    "Please, do me a favour and stop and that would be something. If I can help somebody, if my Michael can help somebody then that would be a lot better".

    Mephedrone, which has the same effects as a Class A drug and is widely available on the internet, has claimed the lives of a number of young people across the UK.

    It is so widespread it has a number of nicknames on the streets, such as McCat, Meow, Meph, 4mmc, Drone and Bubbles.

    The government's chief drugs advisor has hinted it could be banned and reclassified as a class B drug.

    But those who try to help people with drug addiction say that on the streets the use of Mephodrone is reaching epidemic proportions.

    Dr Brian Fisher warned that action must be taken now.

    "If it continues to be used commonly we are going to see more and more people very sick with it and more people who are going to die as a result of this, particularly if taken along with alcohol", he said.

    On Wednesday three Sinn Fein MLAs submitted a motion in the Assembly calling for the banning of legal highs.

    "Communities across the country and parents in particular are very concerned by the rate at which head shops are opening and the absolute lack of regulation governing the substances which they sell", Martina Anderson said.

    "Sinn Fein has submitted a motion on the issue to be debated in the Assembly as a matter of urgency."

    © UTV News

    Wednesday, 24 March 2010

    Link including video reports on young mans death and Meph addiction. (UK Only)


    Sounds like shes having a tough time, :(
  2. Coconut
    Eliminating the competition. Good job, lads.
  3. junkfuck
    At least the UK has issues such as banning a legal methamphetamine/MDMA substitute... Makes the political scene sound far more mature than say:

    California....... Medical marijuana shops springing up all over the place, WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN!!!! ....Well let them smoke it. Its not like nowadays they couldn't go out and get it just as easily as if it were legal, so what's the point of arguing. At least your kids aren't addicted to mephedrone. And certainly, of course, you wouldn't want any more 'legal highs' that are worse than pot to tempt your children. What about our children??? What about them... If parents did their jobs properly we wouldn't see drug abuse epidemics.

    As for the rest of the United States, Weed: tax it, regulate it, and shut the hell up. If London can call mephedrone a big deal, which it certainly is, it makes them sound a hell of alot more qualified to make decisions than say the U.S. congress, which still thinks pot is a 'big deal'. I don't hear much bickering in the UK about pot. Europe just seems to have the highest over maturity level compared to the rest of the world... Where America won't stop bitching about pot, Europe doesn't seem to care, instead focusing on issues that might have a huge social impact.
  4. Finn Mac Cool
    Talk about jumping the gun, no research just ban it, it's what our voters want so lets do it. No thoughts about drug dealers going out of business, maybe regulating Mephedrone so people use clean drugs, nope we know best (really they know nothing)
  5. enquirewithin
    It's hard to sort out what harm is actually caused by the drug and what is sensationally attributed to it, but the mother's grief seems real enough.
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