Mother of one of 2 men who had 'cocaine related deaths' in 2007 in court.

By John Doe · Mar 16, 2010 · Updated Mar 17, 2010 · ·
  1. John Doe

    Court told of people 'shoving cocaine down their throats' at house party.

    COCAINE WAS “freely available” from a bag on the kitchen table at a Waterford house party where two men collapsed and later died in hospital, a court has been told. The mother of one of the men who died has denied she allowed drugs to be sold or handed out at the party which was held in her house.

    Betty Grey (48), Ballybeg Square, Waterford city, has pleaded not guilty at Carlow Circuit Court to permitting the sale, supply or distribution of cocaine at her home on November 25th, 2007.

    The court yesterday that heard partygoers “started dropping in convulsions” and began “frothing at the mouth” after taking a “gooey white substance” which was shared among people attending the party.
    John Grey (23) died in hospital 16- days after he fell into a coma in the early hours of November 25th.
    Kevin Doyle (21), Viewmount, Dunmore Road, Waterford, also died in hospital following the party at Ms Grey’s house.
    Noel Whelan, prosecuting, told a jury it was the State’s case that Ms Grey knew cocaine was being consumed and that she permitted the drug to be handed out at the party.

    Mr Whelan said a party started in Ms Grey’s house at about 1am following the 21st birthday party of her son Mark at the Ultimate bar in Waterford.
    The court heard “cocaine was available freely” at the house and that at about 4.30am, people started “dropping in convulsions”; four or five people were rushed to hospital in a collapsed state “frothing at the mouth”.
    One partygoer, Stephen O’Sullivan, gave evidence that he saw a bag of cocaine “like candle wax” on the kitchen table and said “fellas were shoving it down their throats with their hands”.

    Another man, Paul Swift, said he saw one man “fall off the stairs and land in the hall” and that “people started collapsing around the house”.
    Mr Swift said he saw a bag of “pasty white material” on the kitchen table. He said he also saw Ms Grey in the kitchen with about 20 other people.
    Michelle Kelly said about 15 people were taking the white powder in a bedroom upstairs and that Ms Grey was not upstairs when the drugs were being taken.

    Claire Cassidy (24) appeared before the court on a related charge yesterday.

    She has denied permitting the sale, supply or distribution of amphetamine at her house at Ardmore Park, Ballybeg, Waterford, on the same date.
    The trial continues today.

    Irish Times online 10/03/2010

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  1. John Doe

    There is still something extremely rotten in Denmark on this issue. Are we supposed to believe all of these people at the party were stupid enough to swallow mountains of this stuff each? I've been to a lot of parties and seen a lot of madness and people going too far but this sounds absolutely crazy, it sounds more like a mental asylum.

    Also, one of the girls said her throat felt like it closed up, I wonder was this just a naivity to the coke knumbing effect or was it whatever else was in the bag?

    The 'ma' sounds like a lovely woman... I'm very sorry they didn't put her in jail it'd be one less scumbag around. I'll bet she's not worked in quite a while either.

    Does blood usually ooze from ones nose and mouth when overdosing on cocaine?
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  3. John Doe
    There's 3 articles here and I have put the date and source below them, I cannot post links yet so I didn't include the links >.<
  4. bubbly nubs
    Ok, so was it amphetamine or cocaine in this bag. It sounds like the typical paste amphetamine that's common in the UK, but the article says its cocaine, until the end where it says amphetamine. People putting cocaine in tea? Shovelling it down their throats? Who takes cocaine like that?

    Sounds like they don't know what they are talking about. No surprise.
  5. John Doe
    I'm not sure why that's in there but it was another woman in another house! Must have been going between parties or something?
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    Cocaine was 'freely available' at party

    PEOPLE STARTED having “fits” and “dropping” to the ground at a party where cocaine was “freely available” and where two young men collapsed and later died in hospital, a court has heard.

    John Grey (23) and Kevin Doyle (21) died days after they fell into a coma at a party at Mr Grey’s mother’s house in Waterford city in the early hours of November 25th, 2007.

    Betty Grey (48) has pleaded not guilty to permitting the sale, supply or distribution of cocaine in her house at Ballybeg Square, Waterford on that date.

    Carlow Circuit Court yesterday heard there was “pandemonium” in the house as a number of partygoers began collapsing and falling into fits at around 4.30am.

    Sally Morrissey, who attended the party, told the court she went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and saw a bag of cocaine on a table. She said she asked in the room if she could take some and was told to “work away”.

    Ms Morrissey said she swallowed some of the cocaine with her tea and went upstairs to the bathroom and that when she came out she saw “a chap lying on the floor in a bedroom”.

    She asked some people if he was okay and that he then “began having a fit”.

    She said she went back downstairs and a man sitting on a couch began having a fit and launched himself off the chair ending up on the floor. Ms Morrissey said she then saw another man standing on the stairs also having a fit.

    Ms Morrissey told the court she felt her own throat “close up” and said she “started to scream” because she “couldn’t sit up” and said it was the “only thing I could do to pull myself around”.

    Another partygoer Seán O’Loughlin told the court there was “pandemonium” in the house and that people began “puking and falling down”.

    Mr O’Loughlin said he had earlier seen a “powder substance”, he understood to be cocaine, in a bag in an upstairs bedroom.

    When asked by Paul Greene SC for Mrs Grey if he thought it was possible an uninvited guest could have brought the drugs to the party, Mr O’Loughlin replied, “it was”.

    The trial continues today.

    Claire Cassidy (24) also appeared before the court yesterday on a related charge.

    She denies permitting the sale, supply or distribution of amphetamine at her house at Ardmore Park, Ballybeg, Waterford, on the same date.

    The Irish Times - Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Originally posted by John Doe - split from original thread
  7. Terrapinzflyer
    Blood was 'oozing' from man at party

    A man who died after he fell into a coma at a party where “cocaine was freely available” was found “gasping for air” with “blood oozing from his nose and mouth”, a jury heard yesterday.

    Kevin Doyle (21) and John Grey (23) died in hospital after they collapsed at a party in Mr Grey’s mother’s house.

    Betty Grey (48), Ballybeg Square, Waterford, has pleaded not guilty to permitting cocaine to be sold, supplied or distributed in her house during a party there on November 25th, 2007.

    Garda David Ahern told the trial at Carlow Circuit Court he found Kevin Doyle wearing an oxygen mask with “blood oozing from his nose and mouth”. He said Ms Grey came into the room in a “very aggressive manner” and “using foul language” asked “what business” he had in her house. The trial continues on Tuesday.

    The Irish Times - Friday, March 12, 2010

    Originally posted by John Doe - split from original post
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