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Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,000

  1. cannabis-sam
    [h1]Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,000 sent to him from South Africa[/h1]

    A drug dealer has been jailed after his mother tore open a 15kg package of cannabis addressed to him and reported him to police.

    Oliver Mitchell was today behind bars after the £30,000 parcel sent to him from South Africa was inadvertently intercepted.

    A judge heard how Mitchell's mother, who was not named in court, was so suspicious about the item that she quizzed her 20-year-old son.

    Brian Payne, prosecuting at Oxford Crown Court, said: 'There had been a lot of discussion between Mrs Mitchell and her son about the package and that had given her some cause for concern.

    'She was so concerned about what the package might contain, because the story she had been given differed in so many ways, that she opened it and handed it on.'

    Mr Payne described Mitchell as 'the mail drop'.

    He said: 'He has been the individual to whom the package has been delivered and in due course it would have been passed on to other people.'

    Mrs Mitchell took the difficult decision to report her son and the following police investigation also saw 23-year-old Lewis Cox arrested on suspicion of supplying cannabis.

    The court heard that Mitchell had been promised £500 to take delivery of the package, which had been sent by courier from South Africa.

    The prosecutor said drug experts had valued the cannabis at £30,000 but said it could reach up to £45,000 if broken up into street deals.

    Mitchell, of Kidlington, Oxon., admitted possessing and being concerned in the supply of cannabis and was jailed for 18 months.

    Cox, of Northampton Road, Weston-on-the-Green, admitted supplying cannabis and was jailed for two years.

    Claire Fraser, defending Mitchell, said: 'Mr Mitchell shows a genuine remorse for the situation which he finds himself in.

    'He says it was stupid and he regrets every minute of it.'

    Jailing the pair, Judge Christopher Compston said: 'This was one large parcel which would have flooded the city and more and more people would then have been hooked or rehooked on cannabis.'

    He told Mitchell: 'I commend your mother for the courage she showed and so should you.

    'If she had not, you may well have got into a worse situation as the years went on.'

    18th May 2009


  1. cosmicruler
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00


    was this kid of sound mind or what??:crazy:eek::applause::crazy
  2. Frond
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00

    Way to go Mom. Some parents send their kids to college to get a good education, but you sent your kid to jail where he'll get an education too, though of a different sort. After all, prisons are the training grounds for hardened career criminals and your son will get front-row seats to the best class of them all. Maybe he should thank you?

    You know... You could have talked to him maybe? Real parenting, face to face, all that sort of stuff? Families are supposed to stand together to handle issues, but I guess you should listen to your buddy Govenment, after all being patriotic is more important than this whole family shebang.

    Good one. I'm sure little sonny is coming home again for a cheerful reunion.

    In a "not" kind of way.

    I really do feel sorry for kids born to parents like this. And some people have to ask where domestic violence comes from?
  3. Alicia In Wonderland
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00

    I agree. I don't think the mother did anything but give his son hell for 2 years, and mistrust of his mother his whole life.
    If she was so concerned she should have just made him get rid of it, and then discuss it as a family.
  4. Sunshine-Band
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00

    I think the Judge's comments show the extent of the misinformation about cannabis. Even this misinformation says that natural imported cannabis is so much safer than UK grown so-called skunk, so he if he believes this nonsense, then should have been less concerned about this variety as this would alter the market balance to safer strains.

    Hooked and re-hooked on cannabis? More false information and then praise for the mom. Praise for the parents who will shop their children for the cause. :thumbsdown:
  5. cannabis-sam
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00

    Well for a start, he was making a bit of money, stupid maybe, but it's doubful that he would of ended up a career criminal. When people are sent to prison, they are more likely to carry on a life of crime post prison, because firstly getting a job with a criminal record is very difficult, and secondly he now most likely will have toughened up and become alot like the other people he's been inside with, the second may not nessessarily be true but it can happen.

    Yes, you go ahead and try to justify sending a young, non violent offender to prison, where he could be beaten up, raped, and generally have disturbing experiences, in the name of "stoping people getting hooked or rehooked on cannabis"(where 10 minutes of googling cannabis, or even looking at the governments illinformed talk to frank site for a couple of minutes could of educated him better), and does he honestly think that stopping this one package is going to make the tiniest bit of difference to the amount of skunk and soapbar already flooding the streets.

    I find this quite scary, that some people are so trusting of the government and the laws, so obediant that they could send their own son to prison, for something that should not be a crime, it upsets me people can do this.

    If she'd actually put half the effort she put into sending him to prison, into talking to him, in a respectful sensitive way, or even giving him a good bollocking, it would have done tons more for his life, and the direction he's going more than prison ever would.

    Very sad.
  6. Waffa
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00

    Extremely sad that there is mother's like that, last few comments already pretty much sum it up what i think about this action.

    way to go mother...
  7. ihatemice
    Re: Mother shopped drug dealer son after opening 15kg parcel of cannabis worth £30,00

    what a b****.
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