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  1. Zentaurus41
    Mother supplied drug to children
    Nicola Cooper
    Nicola Cooper said she now regretted what she did
    A former teaching assistant who gave cannabis to her children to stop them buying it from street dealers has been ordered to carry out community service.

    Nicola Cooper, 43, from Ixworth, Suffolk, was sentenced after admitting possession with intent to supply at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates' Court.

    The court heard 116 grams of cannabis resin was seized at her home by police.

    After telling the court she regretted what she had done, Ms Cooper was given 200 hours community service.

    After sentencing, Cooper said she was very lucky not to have been given a custodial sentence.

    "Some people give their children alcohol, cigarettes at an early age and I know my children, I know my family, we have a great family life," Cooper said.

    "It has never caused any sort of problems at all.

    "So, I do regret that I've broken the law. I do feel sorry for that and I'm certainly not going to be doing it again."


    Check out the linke there is a video interview of the mother on the bbc news

    Screw that just becaue its the law dosent mean its not right, Well Swim was busted once and he would surely do it all again, just means he has to be carefull nextr time.


  1. Feelingood
    Shame, a mother tries to protect her children, and gets penalized. Although the sentence was pretty light...
  2. Iseethefnords
    swim mom gave him alcohol and cigarettes when he was younger and nothing bad ever happened to him, she didn't give any illegals though.
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