Movies may be health hazard for teens

By Lunar Loops · May 15, 2006 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Research grants are really such a gravy train. This old chestnut has been re-hashed (if you'll pardon the pun) slightly. The article appeared on The Age (Australia) website today:

    Movies may be health hazard for teens

    Watching many modern movies may be a health hazard, particularly for impressionable teenagers, an Australian researcher suggests.
    University of Sydney scientists analysed 87 of the most popular films of the past 20 years, counting 53 sex scenes in almost a third of the movies, yet found only one suggestion of using a condom.
    They found eight per cent of the blockbusters included scenes involving cannabis, seven per cent contained episodes of non-injecting illicit drug use, 32 per cent depicted alcohol intoxication and 68 per cent had actors smoking tobacco.
    They said the movies tended to portray drug use in a positive light and nothing of the consequences.
    Presenting the findings to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians' annual scientific meeting in Cairns, pediatrician Hasantha Gunasekera said he had no doubt one of the many influences that could change behaviour on a population level was the electronic media.
    "We know how susceptible to influence adolescents in particular are. Certainly, the whole community is susceptible to them. That's why there's a multi-billion dollar advertising industry," Dr Gunasekera said outside the conference.
    "That's why tobacco companies are spending millions of dollars ... just to have their product placed in a one-second shot in a movie.
    "I think it's ridiculous to assume this is having no influence on behaviour."
    Dr Gunasekera said studies internationally had found adolescents typically spend between three and six hours a day watching some form of electronic media - more hours than any activity except sleep.
    "We estimate that the average child will spend twice as much time watching the media than they will listening to their teachers in the classroom and ... more time than speaking to their parents," he said in an interview.
    "We have to assume that these things are having an influence and yet we go to so much trouble worrying about school curriculums, who's teaching it, what background they have.
    "The content is tweaked and changed constantly but we spend absolutely no time thinking about or controlling or measuring what is actually twice as much of an influence in terms of time and that's the content of the media."
    Dr Gunasekera said he was not advocating that every movie should be The Sound of Music.
    "I'm not saying there should be no sex or drugs in movies," he said.
    "We want movies to be a reflection on life but if it's a reflection on life, people have consequences when they use drugs. There are overdoses.
    "There's unwanted pregnancies for unprotected sex, there's HIV. We didn't see any of those things in these movies.
    "Why aren't the true depictions and the true consequences of these activities actually demonstrated and then people can make up their own mind what they want to do.
    "There's no reason why when we have a scene of sexual intercourse, for example, we can't have a pack of condoms sitting on the bedside table."

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  1. bottlekop
    hehe. i gues it's time to ban movies, huh. no wait! the whole entertainment industry has got to go! that'll realy put a new meaning to pirated/illeagal movies. lol. now if only we could ban those troublesome artifacts called books as well. then we'd realy get rid of our drug problem for shure!
  2. Nagognog2
    Dancing has been outlawed before in certain Christian-Counties in the USA. And they are fond of removing books from libraries and burning rock music albums. For entertainment? Nothing like a good Witch-Burning! Bring the kids!
  3. Urban
    oh god.. now the movies get it!! in the can no one take responsibility for their own actions anymore?!

    banned ice cream vans.... fizzy drinks and chocolate limited... trying to ban films...

    this society is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by banning films/books/food!!! surely the drugs, sex and obesity will go away as well!!!


    ARGH!!! this make me so angry!

  4. Alfa
    The movies will not be banned any time soon. It is the US money maker. And great propaganda tool as well.
    Movies and TV does influence society a lot. It has a lot to do with why society is growing more violent. But the fact that the buttf***, ehrm researchersuckers are focussing on children instead of of adults (which are in fact controlling and making society as is) shows a lot of ignorance. IMHO.
  5. Jimmeh
  6. Sky Walker
    That's right! I forgot the various media outlets were responsible for the upbringing of our children and adolescence. Gee guys we gotta support this, no more parenting, no more responsibility, blame it all on the media no more free thought for anyone just hand your brain over to the government at birth and you will lead a happy and productive life of drone like servitude. Then when you are 22 and your body is drugless and in perfect physical condition you will be enlisted in the Army and shipped off to the next country to help “free” their citizens from suffering and pain and replace all that useless human emotion with things, everyone wants things you gotta get all that stuff make America even more rich and powerful and buy all their shit.
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