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MPs back anti-drug spray in schools (Netherlands)

  1. Lunar Loops
    Does anyone have any more details on this story? Surely OK if they're planning a production of Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat. How exactly do they intend to utilise such a spray? Grab a child and spray them all over (surely some infringement of civil liberty there)? Quite apart from the what else may cause this to change colour and what about the fact that all bank notes have cocaine traces, etc, etc, etc......can not see how this would be workable. Anyway, this from DutchNews.nl:

    [h3]MPs back anti-drug spray in schools[/h3]Thursday 28 June 2007

    A majority of MPs support the use of a special spray in secondary schools which can be used to identify drug users. Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin told MPs on Wednesday his department is investigating whether the spray actually works and its legal implications.

    The spray, which comes from Israel, is said to change colour when it comes into contact with cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. Its use is being advocated by a group of parents from the town of Volendam whose children have drugs problems.


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