MPs 'should go to rave parties'

By Lunar Loops · Jul 6, 2006 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Sandra Kanck (remember her folks, stright talking Aussie Democrats MP...see talking more sense down under. This from The Advertiser (,5936,19687618%255E2682,00.html) :

    MPs 'should go to rave parties'

    DEMOCRATS MP Sandra Kanck wants politicians to attend rave parties to learn first-hand about the drugs they are legislating about.

    The MLC also said yesterday that partygoers taking illicit drugs such as ecstasy should test the drugs themselves to check they are safe.
    Ms Kanck, who attended the Winter Enchanted rave party last Saturday for research purposes, said she had gone with prominent doctor and prominent pro-drug testing campaigner Dr David Caldicott to see for herself what a "rave" was like. "I would like to see a lot of other MPs do the same," she said.
    The move comes after her recent controversial comments to Parliament that ecstasy was not a dangerous drug. She "did not see a single pill" but said she had spoken to many people who wished "more politicians would come and look for themselves". They included people who told her they tested their own pills. "(Two) people told me they have their own pill testing kits," she said. "Many of the kids are smart enough to know about these things - it is a sensible thing to do."

    Her first preference was that people did not take the drugs, but in the absence of formal testing mechanisms, people should test their own.
    "If the Government won't give approval for a supported trial then I think young people who are choosing to take illicit drugs should get hold of their own testing kits," Ms Kanck said. "The message has got to be 'protect yourself'." Dr Caldicott said Ms Kanck was one of the few politicians who had come to witness a rave for themselves.
    "She was happy to listen to people telling her about a whole lot of things about a different drugs," Dr Caldicott said. "She probably knows a lot more about it now than most politicians."
    He said the kits were widely available in shops and via the internet. Police confirmed the kits were not illegal. Dr Caldicott was among a group of doctors, nurses and others who were surveying the 2000-plus crowd about issues including their attitudes to the new drug-driving laws and the term "recreational drugs" .

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  1. Alfa
    Hell no. If rave parties there are anything like the Dutch, it will scare the life out of them. There are many moments and situations where it does not matter where you look, you see sniffing and swallowing people everywhere. Especialy with the more uptempo music events. It is one of the best Dutch secrets in Holland. The event organizers have a very strict press policy. They managed to keep this from TV for decades. I have no clue how, but they did.
  2. Nature Boy
    But what about the trying it for themselves part? The effects of ecstasy (provided it's good) could turn almost anyone's opinion.
  3. radiometer
    I haven't been to a "rave" in close to ten years, but that was my experience in the northeast US scene as well.
  4. Lunar Loops
    The problem is not the raves themselves and what goes on there, but whether or not members of parliament have open minds and are prepared to observe (or even partake) with such. In SWISs long experience of going to raves, what you see is people enjoying themselves with no trouble...contrast a pub where everywhere you look there are people drinking some form of drug (alcohol) or smoking another drug (nicotine, though not in Ireland now) and quite frequently there are fights breaking out and men making crude, clumsy and unwanted approaches to women.

    Unfortunately, not many of our elected members of parliament (wherever you may live) are as open minded as Sandra Kanck.
  5. Alfa
    People who have taken way to much speed, coke, ecstasy and alcohol, probably several of these drugs mixed, does not give a pretty sight. Nor does that give the impression a lot of people are having fun. The excesses will give the largest impression. I think it depends upon the sort of rave. I have seen many raves that would give a nice impression.
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