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  1. chillinwill
    ONE of Britain's biggest meow meow dealers is the son of a prominent Labour MP, The Sun can reveal.

    Sean Ellman, 37, whose anti-drugs mum Louise represents Liverpool Riverside, has made a fortune selling the deadly "legal high" at a string of stores.

    In the past Mrs Ellman has called for "more resources to help people escape addiction".

    And she added her voice to campaigners' concerns that GPs were handing out anti-depressants "like sweets".

    Yet her solid stance has not prevented her son raking in a fortune by selling meow meow through his chain of drug accessory shops in the North of England.

    A Sun probe found the stores brazenly sell sachets of the "legal high," made from plant food mephedrone, though it has now been linked to six deaths.

    This morning Mrs Ellman distanced herself from her son.

    A source close to her said: "Sean is 37-years-old and takes his own decisions. Louise disapproves and it has nothing to do with her.

    "It is a personal issue and doesn't have any bearing on the upcoming election.

    "He is a grown man."

    The latest mephedrone victim was named yesterday as Joslyne Cockburn, 18, of Newcastle upon Tyne.

    The Sun was offered meow meow within minutes of entering Ellman's Dr Hermans Salsa shop in Warrington, Cheshire.

    Our investigator simply asked a female assistant: "Do you have any MCAT?" - its club name. She replied: "Oh yes, there in the glass cabinet."

    Amazingly, there were FOUR different types of meow meow in the locked unit but the assistant boasted: "They're not our best sellers, you know."

    She then produced a clear plastic bag from under the counter containing up to 40 sachets, and asked: "How much do you want? A gram?"

    Our man paid £20 for a blue and white sachet labelled: "Mephedrone 4-MMC Research Chemical. WARNING: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION."

    The Sun was also offered meow meow at the Dr Hermans shop in Chester. Ellman has other stores in Manchester, Leeds, St Helens - and Liverpool. He lives in a £300,000 home in Withington, Manchester.

    A customer at one of the shops said: "I couldn't believe it when they started selling meow meow, especially with his mother being a well-known MP.

    "God knows what she would think if she knew."

    Ellman was on holiday in Israel last night. And his mother, chair of the influential Commons Transport Select Committee, could not be contacted.

    The Sun launched a "Ban Meow Now" campaign after the deaths of two teenage boys in Scunthorpe, Lincs, last week.

    Scientific advisers are expected to urge the Government to bring in a ban on Monday. But Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman proved confusion still reigns by telling MPs yesterday it IS still legal - but SHOULDN'T be taken.

    March 26, 2010
    The Sun


  1. enquirewithin
    The Sun is ridiculous!
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