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  1. Spoonwoman

    When the blood starts filling my needle
    That's by far my most favorite part

    Because I know in seconds
    I will feel his rush
    And my beloved Mr.Brown high is about to start

    The relaxation is nothing but unexplainable
    Every part of my body Tingles in delight

    I wish I could keep that feeling forever
    Of when me and my love first unite

    I can't explain it too well if you've never felt it
    Even the best orgasm
    Can't compare at all

    He gives me the painlessness of heaven
    But the higher I go up
    The harder I fall

    Although the feeling is so blissful when I am with him

    Mr.Brown has turned me into a monster
    When I'm craving him more

    I rob and steal and do things
    I've never done before

    I became his whore
    And the object of his game
    Is looking to score

    Those few hours of happiness
    Have caused me years of hell

    If you haven't met him
    I recommend you never do

    He has destroyed my body,mind and soul

    I've been engaged to him
    For 10 years of my life
    The only way to leave him
    Is to DIE as his WIFE

    Author Bio

    Just a squirrel trying to get a nut ;)
    And some dope =)


  1. Kerry Hatswell
    This is one of the best poems ive ever read.....MISS HEROIN
    So now little man youve grown tired of grass, LSD, goof balls, cocaine & hash
    And someone pretending to be a good friend said " I'll introduce you to Miss Heroine. Well honey before you start fooling with me, just let me inform you of how it will be
    For i will seduce you & make you my slave, ive sent men much stronger than you to their graves.
    You think u could never become a diagrace & end up addicted to poppy seed waste. So you'll start inhaling me one afternoon & you'll take me into your arm very soon. And once i have entered deep down in your veins, the craving will nearly drive you in sane. You'll need lots of money as u have been told, for darling im much more expensive than gold. You'll seindle your mother & just for a buck, you'll turn into something vile & corrupt. You'll mug & you'll steal for my hypnotic charm & feel content when im in your arm
    The day u realise the monster you've grown you'll solemnly promise to leave me alone. If u think that you've got the mystical knack then sweetie just try getting me off your back. The vomits, the cramps, your gut in a knot, the jangling nerves screaming for just one more shot. The hot chills, the cold sweats, the withdrawal pains can only be saved by my little white grains. Theres no other way & theres no need to look for deep down inside, you know that your hooked.
    You'll desperately run to the pusher & then, you'll welcome me back in your arm once again. And when u return as i foretold, I know that you'll give me your body & sole, you'll give up your morals, your conscience, your heart & u will be mine until DEATH US DO PART....
  2. g.buck1
    The reason heroin has the power it has is because the government give it that power, the best drug you could use for relaxation after a days work. people can use clean heroin all there life and be very happy, but of course some sick congressmen put a stop to that in the late 40's with bullshit propaganda! At least in the States your getting real heroin, in England now because the M****ms have taken over bringing it in the country, we now get heroin that isn't 10% even, not worth a toss just like the f***s that bring it in and ripp the f**k out of us. To the poor the government offer us methadone. if your the son or daughter of a politician or a well to do family your introduced to one of the 400 G.Ps or psychiatrists that get a licence to prescribe heroin and cocaine to addicts!!! So fare wouldn't you say.
  3. senorlou
    Hey, great poetry folks. Love is love, even if it's for a drug as harsh as heroin. May I attempt?

    I woke up again on the side of the freeway.
    In my tent again. At least, I think it's mine.
    Shit crusted pants, I'm sick again.
    Got to hustle again, got to score again.
    Got it! Everything's fine. I'll lay on the grass, stare at the sky.
    Let them work. They aren't alive. They don't know.
    God, I love this life sometimes. But I keep on wondering.
    Why I keep waking up in that tent again.
    Shit crusted pants, got to score again.
    And again.
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