Multiple charges filed against woman shooter

By Terrapinzflyer · Oct 27, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Multiple charges filed against woman shooter

    NEW HAVEN — The city’s gunshot locator system reported gunfire Saturday in the area of Munson and Orchard streets.

    The shooter, a 31-year-old West Haven woman, was still holding the gun when officers found her, police said.

    The incident occurred at 7:52 a.m. Saturday and police say the woman appeared to be high on "Illy," a hallucinogenic drug that includes PCP.

    According to police, ShotSpotter sent police to the area on the report of gunshots and, when police arrived on County Street, a witness reported that a woman who had been firing the handgun had run onto Munson Street.

    When officers found Jennifer Burridge in front of 320 Munson St., police say, she was still holding a .40-caliber pistol. She dropped it when officers ordered her to do so.

    In addition to the handgun, police also allegedly took a large amount of Illy from her and charged her with unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a firearm under the influence, reckless endangerment, carrying a pistol without a permit, criminal possession of a firearm, theft of a firearm, illegal possession of hallucinogenic substance and illegal possession near a school, police said.

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    COMMENT: I normally don't post stories like this one but two things caught my interest:
    1st- the "gunshot locator system"
    2nd- the "psychedelic drug 'lilly' containing PCP' - never heard of it before...

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  1. Birkill
    Shit man, bet thats well fukd her head off when she come round, sounds like she didnt really knnow what she was doing and it even said she dropped the guna straight away when asked. Its a nightmare the silly things you do when your high, if swim had a pound............!
  2. Guttz
    Swim isn't sure what to say when he hears news like these. He's all for legalizing every drug there is. But then there's PCP. He wonders if we can ever allow the use of this substance? Sure, be it illegal or legal use is still going to occur. But in his opinion this is something that should be kept away from people at all cost.

    If drugs were to be made legal he wonders if this would also be in the shelves of your local pharmacy. Having never tried PCP himself he doesn't have a clue what it's like. But from the stories you hear and the things that happen on this drug makes him question it's good.

    Another PCP case:
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