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Mumbai: Woof! Anti-Narcotics has no dog squad

By Docta, Aug 10, 2013 | |
  1. Docta
    The Anti-Narcotics Cell of Mumbai does not have a dog squad and has never hired private dogs for investigation.

    An RTI application filed by an activist revealed these facts.

    The Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC), which comes under the crime branch, has been functioning without a dog squad for years and has been demanding one ever since its inception in 1989.

    A dog squad is of immense importance to the ANC as canines can sniff and detect concealed narcotics.

    “Despite several proposals and requests sent to the government, the authorities have not yet approved of it. Hence, the cell has not been able to get a dog squad,” said Kishore Jadhav, deputy commissioner of police (ANC).

    Not having a dog squad poses problems for the ANC as humans cannot detect narcotics in the nook and corner of a slum area.

    The RTI also stated that there were only 25 officers in the five ANC units — Cuff Parade, Worli, Bandra, Ghatkopar and Kandivli.

    Jadhav said the number of officers with ANC is sufficient. “We don’t have any shortage of officers in ANC,” he said.

    “Two months ago, I sent a proposal to the commissioner of police for three dog squads. My predecessor had also sent requests, but so far we have not got any status update on it,” he said.

    The government has got the proposal but Jadhav does not know how long it would take for it to materialise. “It may take a few months or even years. We do not know. We have been waiting for quite some time,” Jadhav added.

    He stated that even 50 dogs would not be sufficient for them but something is always better than nothing.

    Jadhav said, “We have about 93 police stations, several railway terminus, airports and several such catchment areas. So the requirement is urgent and the government will have to provide us with enough dogs to serve the purpose.”

    He added that hiring private dogs is not feasible and may turn out to be expensive.

    Aug 10, 2013, | Agency: DNA


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