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music and "lessons learned"

By Ilsa, Jun 3, 2009 | |
  1. Ilsa
    Tape holds things that cannot stick
    and keep leftovers in the fridge
    while lessons learned go down the drain
    I can't believe in everything
    all the bad names gone
    and the good ones were all wrong

    and so I stayed up all night
    slept in all day
    this is my sound
    thinking about tomorrow won't change how I feel today

    Never let your mark erase
    'cause broken legs can be replaced
    two steps to the finish line
    three sips till I finish mine
    a straw will always suck it out
    close your eyes and use your mouth
    and tell me about your song

    And so I stayed up night
    slept in all day
    this is my sound
    thinking about tomorrow won't change how I feel today

    matt and kim, 'lessons learned'

    yeah, more song lyrics, but music just makes me think....music is the only thing that i could FEEL even when i couldn't feel anything else at all.

    i've definitely learned a lot about myself the last few years....before that i was just sailing along with no choices to make. when the time came to make choices i made good ones and bad ones. and i wouldn't take any of them back....not even the hell of addiction.

    broken legs, bodies and spirits can usually be fixed, even though they hurt like hell. for those things that can't, they are the flaws that make us beautiful and unique. as much as i hate depressive episodes, they make "normal" times more poignant and make me appreciate just feeling ok.

    the biggest thing, and i've said this elsewhere, but i say it again here, is learning to sit with the hurts, and the last line of the song sums that up perfectly:
    "thinking about tomorrow won't change how I feel today"

    and it doesn't....and today is really the priority. yeah we all have to plan for the future to some extent, but it's the here and now that determines future goings-on, so all that planning and worrying is for naught if today gets ignored, as can often be the case.

    not sure where i was going with this, maybe i just felt the need to keep those words somewhere close for now.


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