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Music Of Thelema (Moscow OTO)

  1. enquirewithin
    Music Of Thelema

    Music by Valentin Dubovskoy, ordered by Moscow Oasis of OTO.

    Ever wondered what the Crowley's poems, invocations and rituals might sound like set to Russian music? No-- nor me! But you can download MP3s here:


    1. Credo (from the Gnostic Mess)
    2. Hymn (from the Gnostic Mess)
    3. One star in sight
    4. Hymn to Pan
    5. Invocation of Hecate
    6. Nekam, Adonai!
    7. Lift up this love
    8. The Interpreter
    9. Pan to Artemis
    10. Stele of Revelation (AL III:37-38)

    Choir of Thelemites from the Moscow Lodge of OTO «Pan's Asylum»

    Natalya Skryabina, vocal (3, 4-10)
    Anna Nosko, vocal (4-6, 8-10)
    Alexandra Balakireva, vocal (2, 3(2), 8)
    Serafima Melnikova, vocal
    Yekaterina Buryak, vocal
    Olga Andreyeva, vocal, guitar
    Olga Pankratova, guitar (3(1))
    Leonid Kazachkov, vocal (3(1))
    Valentin Dubovskoy


  1. Potter
    Have I recently told you how much I enjoy your blog? I mean even with my overall disgust with the OTO, I still find delight in studying the system and you offer such great insight.
  2. helikophis
    I hadn't seen these, thanks for that! I especially like the Creed.
  3. enquirewithin
    I'm glad some people are enjoying this blog! Crowley was fascinating , and a real pioneer in using drugs, amongst other things.

    I have no great interest in the OTO either (or any other magical order), but it's curious that there is group in Moscow.
  4. Potter
    I actually received a copy of the Russian Liber AL, printed by "Pan's Asylum" (maybe their camp name?) It's neat to see, but... well they didn't include the original pages, maybe to keep down the cost of printing, maybe because they are illegible, maybe because they are in English, but well, that's kind of missing a major point of the book, it leaves it open to interpretation, letting someone else translate it and not including the source material.

    For those who don't know, Chapter 3 verse 47:
    It is also forbidden to interpret Liber AL, and by including the original, it allows the reader to check for any ambiguities.
  5. enquirewithin
    Pan's Asylum! LOL! a few have tried to find the "Key of it all" like Charles Stanfield Jones.

    I like this quote:
    These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools.
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