‘My 16-year-old son is addicted to mephedrone’

By chillinwill · Jan 22, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    EVIDENCE continues to be given to The Press of the devastating impact of the drug mephedrone.

    It came as a petition backing our campaign, The Menace of Mephedrone, which aims to outlaw the legal drug, gathered momentum and support from the public.

    A mother-of four from Acomb, has decided to share her “living nightmare” after watching her 16-year-old son become addicted to the drug.

    “Before Christmas my son got rushed to hospital after taking this drug,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

    “He was not breathing and he was violently ill.

    “At first I thought this had terrified him and he would stay away from the drug, but now he is completely addicted and it has ruined his life.

    “He just stays out all night and sleeps all day. It has meant he has lost his job and his place studying for a National Diploma in sports at York College.” She said her son steals from her and even sold his Christmas presents to fund his habit.

    “I am absolutely gutted,” she said. “Before he was so loving but now he lies to me all the time.

    “I have three other children and my eight-year-old son was really close to him and he is terrified too and has started wetting the bed.

    “I just don’t know what to do.

    “I just hope that people start to sit up and listen because this drug is getting out of control.”

    Mephedrone is legal providing it is sold as plant food and not for human consumption.

    If police suspect the drug has been sold for human consumption, the supplier can be arrested and prosecuted.

    Are you worried about the increasing availability of “legal highs” such as mephedrone? Have you or your family been affected?

    Jennifer Bell
    January 22, 2010
    York Press

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  1. Combination
    Do those people really believe banning the substance would resolve the problem/addiction? Imo thats amazing.
  2. Lukeoca
    Yes I believe it will help.
    The fact that this drug is legal means that :

    • Dealing and distribution is easy therefore more people end up taking the drug
    • People believe the drug is more safe due to its legality
    Amongst various other obvious implications.

    The fact is that if a substance has limited availability, the amount of people that will experience negative effects will be reduced. I truly believe that the prohibition of this substance will be a positively harm reducing legistlative action.

    There are just too many kids taking things that they know nothing about meaning they either end up dead or with unnecessary mental health issues for the rest of there life.

    The problem is of the false concept that legal = safe
  3. wednesday
    if you believe a drug is safe just because its legal then you are a bit sheepish IMO
    take prescription medicine...so safe
    alcohol, caffeine also both super safe

    banning alcohol clearly worked
    lets just keep trying the same things over and over expecting different results each time, there is a word for that i forget what...
    that being said i am more for education, honest and open education about the subject
  4. Flying Mind
    Good example... Benzedrex, this OTC is extremely powerful and dangerous in SWIM's opinion

    Propylhexedrine. SWIM can't believe its legal. Sure makes SWIY feel amazing for a while (2-3 hrs only maybe... so don't do it!) BUT The BP/heart-rate increase is out of this world. SWIY binged one time and was up 72hrs straight :(

    SWIY if exceeding the 250mg (one inhaler) is playing with ones life in SWIM's opinion.

    Just one of many examples of legal drugs that can potential cause some serious harm or addiction.
  5. Spucky
    AW: ‘My 16-year-old son is addicted to mephedrone

    But the fact is that there are many, many People,
    mostly of them are just Kid`s,
    have extreme Problems with that stuff, same like Gbl.!

    Until 1,5 Years the medics even don`t know how to handle OD`s and Withdrawals from Mep. and Gbl..

    Old and wellknown Drugs don`t need control because the dangers are known
    but many of this RC. are a kind of a Pandora`s Box!

    And "Imo." it is totally wrong that Kid`s can buy all this Stuff, where is a ethic code from the sales people?
    If they don`t have one they don`t get any support from me!
  6. Lukeoca
    I think the point of prohibiting Mephedrone is to stop people thinking its harmless because its legal. This isn't to suggest that legal drugs are harmless
  7. Spucky
    AW: ‘My 16-year-old son is addicted to mephedrone

    Just a prohibition alone is stupid and will bring nothing or only a uncontrollable situation,
    the Government aka. us have to spend some money
    to do a proper Research about all this new stuff!

    This mean more money is needed.
  8. cannabis-sam
    Mephedrone is so popular now that once it is banned it will be taken over by organised crime to fill the demand leading to a less pure and less safe drug, and use will most likely keep increasing after the ban, just like other drugs in the past.
  9. enquirewithin
    Yes and if the 'sulfate' that's sold in the UK is anything to go by purity levels would drop by 90% or so! :(
  10. missymoo
    this what i believe also, it will also make it more appealing to some, alot of people avoid legal higs cos they think they will not work as well. but will be happy to take this once its on the black market.

    I also agree that alot more reasearch needs to be done on this substance, ways to control it, things that make it more dangerous ect.

    New substances come out all the time but once they become illegal they become much more dangerous, as they can be cut with anything.

    However due to the reports the goverment now have to make it illegal, what choice do they have???

    (ps: i had NO idea this was plant food....and my friend has done it!!!!) lol
  11. Synchronium
    Demand will remain, but I doubt supply will. Users will likely turn to cocaine and other stimulants when mephedrone is no longer available.

    Also, it's NOT a plant food. A plant would likely die if "fed" mephedrone.
  12. missymoo
    i was surprsed when i read that and somewhat relieved thats its NOT fact.
    Thank you.
    Tho tbh, depsite having a friend that has done it, i am still none the wiser to what it actually IS, as in invented for......ect.
    Have done some reading online, but cant inform my friend of much???

    definately would say its fairly dangerous tho, it it more dangerous than speed?
    And s it actually physically addictive (as in you become dependant) or simply mentally?
  13. teagy
    its swims opinon that mephedrone can be habitual
    to the point of 1 day up a 3day burn followed by a
    3 day crash
    the ultra nice fun loving sharing euphoric wonder drug
    will reel swimmers in and fuck them over good style
    it will become an expensive drug when tolerance goes
    through the roof
    its not long before the swimmers can get greedy on
    10g solo sessions
    legal high swim would like to shake the hand of the person who first
    brought this to the uk you have fooked alot of lives up
    and you goin fuck a whole lot more up
    any swimmer who has just googled meph and read this
    take heed mephedrone will fuck you over
    look else where
    sorry for the rant
    swim has a very unhealthy likeing for meph
  14. Abrad
    It was "invented" as a recreational drug that falls outside of current drug legislation in much of the world. A "designer drug" (I hate that term), if you will.

    As for safety, we just don't know. It is quite likely more dangerous than speed. It only appeared on the market 2 years ago so we just don't know very much about it's safety, or lack thereof.
  15. Lukeoca

    Yeah in an ideal world, all drugs would be legal and proper education would be all that is needed.

    In the world we live now, where prohibition is rule and law, you can't just keep potentially harmful drugs legal because it promotes the idea that it is harmless.

    You can't just start over and say "education is all that is needed" until prohibition is reduced or eliminated. Get in the real world.
  16. beena
    Banning it isn't the solution: once something is illegal it doesn't become less available, all that changes is where it comes from and who supplies it. The source of distribution changes from a reputable business (or at least one that can be monitored and subjected to certain laws and conditions and also taxed for the benefit of society), to dishonest criminal gangs: the so-called 'underworld' SWIM supposes. These people are totally unscrupulous, paying no mind to societies laws and not caring one iota about who is buying and taking their product and why. Plus the product itself will undoubtedly be doctored: cut with something compatible to bump up the volume and increase profits. So the kiddies you're trying to protect from this 'evil' new high called mephedrone might not just be taking mephedrone anymore but could be putting untold poisons into their bodies as well.

    And they'll be paying twice as much for the priviledge of doing so - money that won't be taxed, won't benefit society but goes straight back into funding organised crime and the pockets of serious criminals.

    And finally, if this isn't enough to persuade you that criminalisation of a drug isn't always the best option, try the fact that when your teenage son or daughter goes to buy the previously legitimate product from the only place they can now get it: a drug-dealer, they'll be entering a whole new world. Society criminalises them. By buying this product they become an illegal drug-user. Don't underestimate the power this labelling by society can have on a kid. They become part of a sub-culture, on the outskirts of society. Buying and taking illegal drugs has an attraction all of it's own: there's a danger aspect, it's exciting. And once you take one illegal drug it becomes much, much easier to say 'yes' to the next one. So your teen goes from popping mephedrone to smoking a joint, to popping E, to railing speed or a line of coke, smoking a crack-pipe, free-basing, smoking, snorting or maybe shooting heroin.

    The stats show this is how it happens: the so-called 'gateway drugs'.

    If you can keep your kids from being labelled a criminal though - by not jumping on the scaremongering, reactionary band-wagon, by talking to your kids and listening to your kids and rediscovering what makes them tick and why they want to try legal highs: is it just teenage experimentation or is there a deeper problem at hand? (if any drug is being abused or changing the behaviour and personality of a person drastically then that would suggest there IS a problem) If we keep our kids as part of our society and not outlaw them or push them into criminality then we might stand a better chance at ultimately persuading them not to put themselves in danger, stay away from some drugs altogether and use others safely (if they feel a need to use at all), and if they are treated with tolerance now then maybe they will feel respected and loved and not 'got at'. Maybe they will make the right choices by themselves then.
  17. Combination

    So do you think that when "they" ban mephedrone all the ignorant kids that are now abusing meph will stop using it? I can't really see that happening? Imo the abuse will continue just as hard, but maybe im wrong about that. I guess we can't really say this without some sort of research about that, but thats not gonna happen.
  18. Crazy Insane Sanity
    And do you think the answer is to continue down the wrong path just because we already started down it? Personally I would like to start directing attention to fixing society's problems...not learning to dealing with them.

    Personally I see mephedrone as a problematic substance. I think it should be better regulated...but not banned. I personally wouldn't touch the stuff, and neither would my friend Swim...I just don't think making everything harmful illegal, and dumping insane amounts of tax dollars into enforcing it, to keep a small number of people from using their freedom to destroy their lives, is a economically feasible option. Why should the majority have to pay because a few people what to ruin their health? I say let all of society's idiots kill themselves, and evolution will sort out the mess...after all, that's the way it''s been playing out since life began. That's not to say we shouldn't educate people, or try to help people who are addicted and what-not...but some people obviously don't care about their lives, and why should I have to fork out so much money to try to save people who don't want to be saved? As long as they aren't violent criminals, thieves, or anything of the sort, why should I care? They aren't hurting anyone but themselves...it's unfortunate, but they should have the freedom required to make that choice for themsleves...not have the choice dictated for them.

    I think it's absolutely tragic that someone is addicted to this substance...even worse a kid. This is why this substance should be better regulated...so kids can't easily get it! It's news like this that makes me sad for the world... :(
  19. Lukeoca

    The point is to reduce from the point of now i.e. this moment in time, the amount of people, 12 year olds, teens, adults etc. that can access it. I'm not being idealistic about this and i'm not saying prohibition "works". I'm saying it should be prohibited rather than kept legal as a means of harm reduction.

    Are you saying that nows the time to start using the educational methods instead of prohibition?
    Are you suggesting that it should stay legal?

    Do you think Mephedrone is the drug we shall put forward and use in the argument against prohibition?

    Some people seem to be misinterpreting my responses as if I believe that banning drugs ultimately "solves the problem". This is not true, you have to be practical and work with what you can - and all I was saying was that I think it would be wise for the drug to be made illegal.

    When kids smoke pot for the first time,
    they might conclude -

    "well if this pot i'm smoking is illegal - and it hasn't hurt me at all - that
    legal stuff Mephedrone must be pretty damn harmless

    - 'ooh look you can even buy it online :laugh:'
  20. Terrapinzflyer
    Sorry folks- as I said earlier lets try and keep this conversation above the medias level.

    Me, my turtle, and his aardvark friend are not particular fans of mephedrone, nor do we think its the spawn of the devil.

    There is no debating that mephedrone has caused problems, and it is no doubt exacerbated by its availability and its "legality" which many seem to incorrectly equate with safety.

    But it remains unclear how much more dangerous it may be then other stimulants, and reports here and elsewhere are necessarily skewed by the fact that those that develop issues are more likely to report them.

    Far too little is known, and far too little serious research has been done. Regardless, IMHO, this does seem to one of the more problematic substances in recent memory, though its widespread availability/acceptance definitely plays a role in the equation.

    Some threads, stolen from Alfa, re: its dangers:
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    For now- I'm locking this, to allow emotions to cool down a bit.
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