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  1. Relapse_Rollercoaster
    Once again the lady slept this day away. When awoken at 6:45pm she felt refreshed and fatigued all at once. A nice glass of kratom tea was waiting so she drank. She felt evenly balanced shortly after, and had a cup of Dark bitter coffee...yummo :) After the coffee was finished the burst of energy came. Thank goodness all the laundry needed doing as well as the floors needing mopped. Got all that done and had a cold beer, kolonopin, and all my multivitamins, antihistamines, immodium, and zofran for nausea. I felt better still so I ate down the house, and cleaned my kitchen. I threw up at that point so I went outside to have a joint and cig and read around this site for a bit. I posted something I thought was a common feeling in opiate addiction, but maybe its not all that common cause only one person can relate so far...lol.

    I just took my ambien, and am going to smoke one more cig and go to bed. The goal now is to regain my normal sleep pattern before class starts again next Monday. And to use the kratom wisely and short term, so I dont pick up another vice....thats all I need ;)


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