My Battle with Opiates

  1. BeatOpiatesForGood
    My Story,
    It all started with a broken back due to a Motocross accident in 2003, I been through 28 broken bones four surgery's before the broken back but never took Pain Meds for the Pain. I had to be on something for the broken back or I would never have gotten any sleep so the Doc gave me? of course! the all mighty Vicodin pills....UGH! Just saying it now makes me cringe. Any who From the Vicodin I slowly Graduated through the years from Vikes to Hydrocodone to Oxycodone to Oxycontin. 120Mg's of Oxycontin and 160Mg's of Oxycodone in 24 hour period is a hell of alot of Opiates!

    This all took place from 2003 to March of this year 2015. How did I kick it?
    I said to myself one day "How can such a small pill drive my life?" I was always protecting my pills so I wouldn't loose them, I was forced to put tasks off till I made sure I wouldn't run out while away, The damn things ran my Life!

    Then one day I said F-IT! and quit cold turkey, went through Gawd awful pain, no sleep for 5 days, lost 20lbs because I couldn't eat....ect. and I'll always remember those days because it taught me a valuable lesson that no one can learn with-out going through it yourself.

    Second week of withdrawals I came across an article about Kratom. I didn't know it then but this article saved my life. It explained everything there was to know about Kratom and the best part was it was all Natural And Legal to buy in the U.S. I looked up Kratom in my Neighborhood and went down there and told the people what I was going through. Kinda embarrassing I thought but Low and behold these people went through it themselves!

    They educated me even more about the many different strands available for different ailments, They mixed me up some Maeng Da and Red horn leaf vein Kratom by heated water, cytrice (What's in orange juice) about 4 grams in all. Waited about 5 minutes for the Kratom to dissolve into the water Like a tea bag so to speak. I gulped that down and I swear that withing 5 minutes I started feeling better! I mean this miracle all Natural magic dust I call it was all I needed to get past my pain and the best part was NO SIDE EFFECTS...NO WITHDRAWALS!!

    I was amazed at what Kratom has done for me that I want everyone that has tried and tried and tried to get off pain meds to try Kratom.

    I'm sure everybody's body chemistry is different but for me it saved my life.

    Don't go to the head shops where they sell Dope stuff because they cut it with who knows what and sell it by the gram for an outrages price.

    Give it a try...what do you have to lose? your life? your Family? your Marriage?
    I hope this reaches even one person to get off Opiates and if it does then I have done my job in trying to help.

    I think everyone trying to get off Opiates should go through at the Minimum 3 days of withdraws, that way you can reflect on how powerful, awful- painful it is to start doing Opiates again once you kick it and get on Kratom.

    It's Natural that's the best part, not a man made synthetic pill that is in my mind EVIL!.

    Kind Regards

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