My best friend the Pill Doctor-The joke was on ME

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    Disclaimer: This story has had several details left out for both legal and ethical reasons.

    Some 20 years ago, I arrived in Lovely Las Vegas with my girlfriend and made her my wife.
    I was 30 years of age and was already fostering an addiction to Xanax that I didn't know I had. Why didn't I know? Because I have always made it a habit to befriend my doctors, or they me. You see, based on previous life experiences, I acquired various talents. Some more nefarious than others, but some quite useful to doctors.
    I worked for the Massachusetts department of mental health and was a mental health supervisor back in the late 80's. I also had "employment" in other areas of life that I can not talk about in this forum.
    Although fairly well educated in narcotics, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and cannabinoids, somehow I still possessed an ignorance to addiction itself that would come back to haunt me 30 years after I started down that slippery slope.
    So, there I was, new to Las Vegas. I lived like I was on vacation for the first 15 years, gambling, doing drugsand feeling invincible.
    Of course, when I first arrived in Vegas, I needed to find myself a doctor.
    In all reality, I actually needed the services of a psychiatrist because I was suffering emotionally from working on a closed ward with psychopaths, many of which were killers and or extremely violent. They had access to knives (silverware) and many other weapons (baseball bats), and all we had was each other and a phone. One place I worked at was Danvers State Hospital, a locked prison like "campus" for among others, the criminally insane. I saw things there that took me a long time to get over.
    Anyway, I got an appointment with a psychiatrist that I'll call "Pete".
    He was about 10 years my senior, and we hit it off almost from day one. I especially liked him because he not only continued my Rx for Xanax, but when I asked for an increase in dose, he complied with no reservations.
    A couple of years in, and we were carrying on regular conversations, but not the way a doctor-specifically a psychiatrist would with his patient. Pete and I had become true friends. In the beginning, I didn't feel like I had an agenda because it was so easy to walk in and listen to him say "So, do you want to continue your medication?". The answer was always obvious. As time progressed, and we were much more open with each other in our conversations, we of course both learned more about our respective personal lives and particularly where we both wanted to go with our them from there.
    As the internet became more and more useful to anyone in business including doctors, it had become apparent to Pete that I might be useful to him. He owned vacation property in the Philippines that he rented out. I had always been good with computers and when HTML was created, I perfected it. So, 5 years into knowing my doctor, and having been to his house etc. we were about to enter our first financial transaction.
    It was simple. He wanted me to create and manage a website for him so that I could direct much more traffic to his vacation property. I did so, and was compensated for financially. As more time went by, and we trusted each other with among other things, our legal status- other things began to transpire.
    Now, as my problem with drugs, and my life (marital problems etc.) began to grow, so did my appetite for drugs. By year 6, I had the coveted "Open Rx". In exchange for advice on how to treat some of his more troublesome patients as well as the ongoing management of his IT departments (he was now medical director of 2 different companies and had a busy private practice) he compensated me with "anything I wanted".
    By this time I was asking for, and getting in the quantities I asked for such drugs as chloral hydrate, Placydil, hydrocodone, oxycodone, Xanax and many more, some at the same time.
    A few years later he took the required course for and received his certification to treat opiate addicts with buprenorphine. Being limited to 100 patients that could be prescribed this drug by him, he put the rest of his patients on various other opiates like methadone and the others including Lortab etc.
    My next business transaction would now take place. This time, he needed me to create and maintain a website to direct the local junkies to his offices for 'treatment". To Be Continued...

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  1. LasVegasEd777
    I'll be posting entries about my recovery after the initial story is finished.
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