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By cyndi · Apr 17, 2008 · ·
  1. cyndi
    I am assuming blogs are like random thoughts such as a diary entry. Am I correct or wrong. My thoughts, huh, so many thoughts going thru my brain. It is like a runaway freighttrain that causes me strain.

    As I sit here, my life flashes before my eyes, so many regrets and then such as life. Do I move forward or look into the past? Am I really having that much of a blast?

    The answer is no, for life is a series of life's lessons some easy and hard. For everyone faces some challenges every day. It is how we handle it that is paving our way.

    Peace you all! How is that for my first blog?

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  1. Fight Club
    Good start! Keep going. True about lifes lessons; they will come. It's how you handle and react to them that you have the power to control.

  2. cyndi
    So true we have the abilities to control how we react to situations and learn from them. :)
  3. sweetsugar
    great blog :)
    ^ totally agree with above s
  4. savingJenniB
    *****Five Stars Sweet Cyndi*****

    Just ride that runaway freight train right into a tunnel.
    A warm smooth comfortable tunnel,
    where you can feel safe for a moment.

    A quiet private place.
    That freight train can feel pretty damn good ~ Huh???

    Ride those rails!!!!
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