My cat and her meth journey #10

By allthewaymay · Sep 17, 2012 ·
  1. allthewaymay
    "Do what you think's right and you will feel alright, 'cause when you are bad, you will feel sad, that's the religion I live by" - The Streets "Alleged Legends"

    My cat made a promise she knew she would have trouble keeping. She also took advantage of tomcat in a vulnerable state. Not only that, she set out with really good intentions (again!) and in a moment of weakness, she caved... and so the weekend included ICE, again.

    My cat knew this blog would be therapeutic, a way of helping her see how detrimental ICE use on a regular basis would be and maybe even a way for her to be deterred from use altogether - fingers were crossed on that one :rolleyes: But my cat thinks that now, given this is her tenth entry, it's a way for her to document and record her instances of use and how she felt at each time, all the while making her realise, by having to type out her feelings, that she does carry around a lot of guilt and shame when she uses... but if you've used it before, you know that that feeling comes later. Nothing can trouble you while you're high on ICE... I don't think :D

    Tomcat and my cat built upon their exercise sesh from last week, adding in some other difficult activities that clearly burn more calories and add to the fitness level. Good stuff! They finished that on Saturday lunch time and came home to do some work around the yard (it's big) and as they were trimming hedges and getting dirty in the garden for the first time in a long time, tomcat casually mentioned that he was jonesing for something. My cat mentioned that they still had GHB in the fridge and could easily have a bit once the hard work was over. Tomcat then said that he was really feeling the pull of Tina and my cat empathised with him... momentarily. He took off for a shower not long after and with a bit of time to ponder these words of tomcat alone, my cat quickly came up with a plan to pitch to tomcat, knowing full well he was in a vulnerable state. (Tomcat reads this blog by the way so honey, when you get to this part, know that I am pathetic and terribly sorry for not doing better on Saturday. Like that book I was reading last night, people think they'll make wise decisions for a myriad of choices when in a cold state, but get them aroused or passionate and not only will they make UNwise decisions, they'll shock themselves that they never anticipated this outcome.)

    So yeah, the plan. My cat went into the bathroom, acting coy and silly, telling him that she had an idea.

    "What if we decide to abstain from using ICE until... lets say... New Years, but we have one last go of it tonight to "celebrate" that we're kinda back on the exercise bandwagon and living a healthier sort of lifestyle than we have been?" (OH MY GOD, how insanely stupid is my cat?!?!?!)

    Tomcat was pretty well hard/erect in the shower just thinking about all the anal sex they'd have if he agreed. My cat knows that when men get hard, all the blood rushes straight outta their brains and into their cocks. So they dialled their dealer.

    They arranged four points this time (my cat knows she said she was proud of her efforts the last times not to increase, but wait, I'm not done yet!) and started getting high while it was still daylight. Of course they fucked themselves senseless, as usual but as 3am came around and the exhaustion from the 1.5hrs of full on exercise that they did started catching up with them, they wanted a lay down. They both ignored the packed pipe that was sitting there on the bedside table that could easily snap them outta their tired fog and instead, got under the covers, shut their eyes and rested. Tomcat slept for about fifteen minutes, my cat knows this, as that's how long he snored for. They did lay there though, for around an hour or so, until eventually, they decided to hit the pipe, get back up and continue fucking.

    It got to Sunday (the following day) and their muscles were aching. My cat can be a bit of a nutjob when it comes to sex, so hours and hours of various positions, getting railed from every angle eventually takes it's toll on your core, hamstrings, lower back and even your shoulders. They continued with some light use of the pipe from lunchtime onwards, but as my cat loves to stash a bit away, she was genuinely exhausted just looking at the baggy containing 1-2 points. Her first intelligent decision with ICE use came straight out of her mouth, "Tomcat darling, we've got all this left and there's no way we're smoking all of that before 4 or 5pm today. Why don't you save it for another time, or sell it to your feline friend for that party he's going to next week?" Yup - that was ALL my cat. So proud of her.

    Another good thing this time round, depsite all the guilt for the way that the weekend came to be, was that they didn't rape the pipe of every last skerrick, no water/evap method, no hitting the stem. They just left it. Without any feelings of "missing out".

    Truth be told, it was a tiresome round. My cat knows that after a few weeks in a row (this has happened before previously) it really does start to get old, unless maybe you're using it everyday. Going through the weekend long "high", only to crash, burn and live the "low" on Sun/Mon/Tues and then repeat, is going to tucker out even the fittest of people. The cats did make a discovery today though... they had sex. Now usually, the best sex happens while they're high on ICE, they notice a decline in sexual appetite the week following use, but usually get back into it one way or another and still enjoy their slightly more tame lovemaking while sober. Now, they only finished up with the pipe yesterday around 3pm. They had sex last night before they fell asleep and normally, that would be it for at least a few days while the comedown is lingering. Today, at 11am, they lay on the bed together for a moment and that moment whisked them away to a quick, hot session between the sheets. The cats thought nothing of it really, until a few minutes afterwards, when my cat piped up, "Tomcat darling, we should make it a rule, that on the first day of coming down, we have sex 'cause right now, I feel fucking great, like some sort of normalcy has just returned or something!"
    Tomcat, who is clearly the more intelligent feline, added that sex and orgasms release dopamine. Naturally. Just some food for thought for anyone that can get laid while they're in that "low" state after being so damn high. The cats recommend it! :applause:

    My cat is a little concerned with waiting until New Years. She wishes she didn't say that date, but I'm sure somewhere in the back of her mind, setting the date that far in advance may have helped sway tomcat's decision in her favour for partying this weekend gone, so she deserves that :thumbsdown:

    My cat doesn't know what else to say. She feels good today, but she slept with the aid of a spliff (or two) and valium and is also taking valium for her muscles today. She plans on an early night and has been called in to work tomorrow so she had better rest.

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