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My cat and her meth journey #11

By allthewaymay · Sep 21, 2012 · ·
  1. allthewaymay
    So after some pretty decent exercise last night, my cat decided that this morning (upon passing the place where the pipe had lay since the weekend) she really wanted to use what was left in the stem, so she could loosen up her muscles and enjoy her friday at work. She didn't actually put anything in the pipe, just watered and evaporated what was left in the stem and took a few good hits from it. She semi pleaded with tomcat to let her do it and he let her.

    She felt guilty... really guilty actually. On her drive to work she cranked the tunes and tried to enjoy it but the guilt that was there kinda hindered things a little bit. She knows it's not ideal to use on a Friday morning, but she really wanted to. Like, REALLY wanted to. Is it just because Friday is a trigger? Is it because she felt justified in her use due to the exercise from last night? Is it because it was just "there"? She doesn't really know. Maybe it's a whole lot of contributing factors.

    All she knows now, is that she's sitting at her desk, semi buzzed, getting ALL her work done and she should feel good... but she doesn't. She feels alive and awake and ready to go, but she also has some mild remorse. What a buzz kill.

    Happy Friday DF :confused:


  1. una_cavaletta
    Thanks once again for this honest update of your journey.
    Wishing you all the best mate.
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