My cat and her meth journey #4

By allthewaymay · Aug 5, 2012 ·
  1. allthewaymay
    Friday on my drive home from work, and also, many mornings and afternoons that week as well, I cranked my iphone playlist in the car, listened to songs that I wanted to listen to (none of this radio shit that seems to be driving me crazy lately) smoked cigarettes, drank coke zero and had a party in the car. I have to say, given the flip out I had last Friday, I was prepared to tackle that unavoidable trigger head on and do my damndest to work around it. Karma's a fucking good thing isn't it!? :D

    I even continued my playlist when I got home, bopping around the house, truly on a high from the music (it is SO therapeutic, don't underestimate the power of YOUR TUNES when you're trying to deal with not being high, for whatever reason) and making my tomcat smile. He was impressed my cat was so happy and enjoying life. Now, the cat's still had one point from the week before, but they were planning on saving that for the following weekend, when the party they were heading to was on and tomcat felt that my cat had had enough space between then and the last time. But, for whatever heavenly reason, they sat down side by side on the couch, tomcat smiled, looked her in the eye and then tomcat said, those magical three words, 'Let's be naughty."

    Sourced a pipe in record time, those two cats did, came home, arranged for some G as well, to finish off with (they only had one measly point remember?) and started smoking their ICE at around 7:30pm. God it was bliss for my cat. Absolute bliss. I will admit, my cat said that as it was only a point, and they're used to getting about five times that over the course of a weekend, the high was not as intense, or as dirty when the sex finally rolled around, BUT it was still a lot of fun.

    After being high for a few hours, the point was gone, then came a couple of mills of G. This always makes my cat happy. That feeling where your arms are so heavy, you can't lift em above your head, your legs are a little floppy on those trips to the kitchen to get another glass of coke zero and you just feel like life is so damn perfect.

    So after the point, the G, two times between the sheets and some awesome music plus sing-alongs to the songs those cats really loved - it was pretty well time for bed. I think they retired about 2am, with commitments the following day, sleep was a must, so they only did it on the pretence they would actually retire to bed. Rolled a spliff, had a smoke, went to bed. Pretty boring really - BUT my cat felt like she had had an amazing night and felt extra fucking lucky that tomcat gave her a nice little surprise like that.

    Best bit was, when she woke up, she didn't immediately want to find the pipe or hassle tomcat about getting more. She felt rested (as she often does when taking meth and then backing it up with some G), refreshed and ready for the big day ahead. Tomcat did not sleep so well, but like a little champion, soldiered on through the day and held his head high.

    The best bit about all this, is that it's now only a week until they do it all again, deluxe. Proper. Like they usually do. Lots of crystal, lots of dopamine and lots of good times with good people.

    Stay tuned, as this week might be bad, but my cat is so fucking chuffed with this recent surprise and the impending weekend that comes next, I seriously doubt that there is anything that could get in the way of her happiness. Being drip fed aint so bad after all. ;)

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