My cat and her meth journey #5

By allthewaymay · Aug 10, 2012 · ·
  1. allthewaymay
    So my little cat has waited patiently all this week and tomorrow is finally the day. Obsessive much? My cat must admit, her thoughts have been held captive by ICE for many, many hours this week and she wonders how healthy that is...? Probably not very. But that being said, in her "straight and sober" frame of mind right now, she plans on a month's break after this to get back into her fitness and somewhat fine form. It's amazing (she says) how this drug can literally ZAP your motivation down to nothing. Tina's a fucking bitch... but damn she's hot :p

    As my cat lay in bed last night after smoking two decent spliffs in succession with tomcat, she wondered why she wasn't drifting off... she usually falls asleep at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. I guess her thoughts have been hi-jacked and without her even noticing, it was like her mind's projector was showing a film in the back, dark, dusty corners of her mind, without her even knowing, of possible scenes from the weekend when she will be getting high. The pipe, the smoke, the rush, the people, the conversations, the partying, the looseness of it all... it was all there, happening without her even thinking about it. She was watching it, her heart was racing and she was getting her blood pumping on the "imaginatory session" she was watching herself have in her very own thoughts. My cat thinks, "Talk about RUDE Tina... you coulda fucking asked me if you were allowed to play these films first, instead of just going right ahead and helping yourself to my projector!" (do you see the madness my cat goes through sometimes... scares ME! LOL)

    My cat eventually got to sleep, albeit with a racing heart and somewhat sweaty palms. The whole week of anticipation has certainly seen her body doing some weird and wonderful things. The other day, she was watching some smoking videos on youtube and seeing this guy blowing out huge clouds from his pipe literally gave her a faint taste in her mouth of the vapour she would soon taste for real. Placebo eh? God damn mind fuck. If anyone's fucking my cat over, I'd prefer it to be my cat. Not the strange untapped and unknown potential powers of her subconscious mind.

    So... *twiddles thumbs*... is it Saturday yet?!

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  1. una_cavaletta
    hello just wanted to say I've been reading your blog with interest. :D Gosh it's like having a love affair isn't it. I have 0 knowledge of meth but am really interested in reading about it.
  2. allthewaymay
    Awww thank you very much! It's nothing special, just a bit of a journal about the times my cats use it, their (mixed) feelings about it and what happens when they use it. I'm as honest as I can be, hoping for it to be a little bit of a therapeutic/creative outlet for my cat. It seems to help, but happy to entertain/educate others that might have a look as well.

    Thanks for the comments! :thumbsup:
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