My cat and her meth journey #6

By allthewaymay · Aug 14, 2012 · ·
  1. allthewaymay
    There are always a few little surprises in life that make it just a little bit sweeter for you (or your cat) every now and then... Friday was one of those.

    My cat left work early and came home to tomcat mid afternoon, just tying up a few loose ends before the party we were going to started the following day. A few errands, a few chores, the boring, mundane things one must do in order to live a life that is somewhat respectable. After all these things were seen to, a little chat developed about the following day started taking place between my cat and tomcat. Tomcat just came out with it, "Wanna go get our goodies now and have some sex tonight? You know, start the party a little early?" :D AS IF CAT WOULD SAY ANYTHING BUT "YES". As if he even had to ask. It was literally less than ten minutes before my cat was strutting out the door and on the way to her kittycat friend's place to pick up said "goodies".

    My cat had a nice little pookie session with her kittycat friend AND a trip to the adult store (an adventure if she's ever had one) before coming home to tomcat for some more ICE and chat. They had a few bowls, then a few more and then suddenly, they were awash with that feeling at least one of them had craved for days prior. *Ahhhhhhhh*

    Suddenly, there was dirty talk, oral play, sex, dirty sex and then even dirtier sex and that's WHY my cat loves this foul poison so much. I believe it's safe to say that if one did not get as horny on ICE as my cat does, then the drug itself would leave little to be desired. The sex is what makes it great. It's the icing on the cake (pun intentional) LOL

    So by starting at dusk and finishing up at about 10pm, it was alwaays going to difficult to sleep, but tomcat took a valium after they shared a big fat spliff and my cat just thought she'd drift off to sleep as the stone from the weed was a "full body stone" and she felt like sleep was definitely on the cards, valium or not. So she went without, crawled under the covers at about 2am with tomcat who had already sedated himself and waited for the sandman... but he never came.

    My cat reads this forum and sees posts from many saying that if you can't sleep, resting is just as good, so she lay there in bed with tomcat snoring beside her and patiently waited for a moment where her body would surrender to sleep and she could rest with her eyes closed involuntarily. Nope. Not going to happen tonight. Hours passed and then, eventually the sun started creeping through the window and it was 7am. She got up, showered, cleaned, tomcat cleaned too and they of course, had a few bowls to really wake up. "Here's your breakfast baby" when someone's handing you a pookie is a really funny offer, then it kinda hits you that you're a fucking idiot and you should be living your life better than this, but you're so in need of the pick me up you toss those thoughts to the side and find the spot in the pipe where the crystal is from last night and hit the fuck out of it anyway. Then you hit it again, and again and wait. Ahhhh there it is, "I'm awake now!"

    The party that night was a great success, they both got to see an awesome apartment that was a friend's of a friends and mingle with some like-minded people. Everyone there was able to enjoy the same "goodies" as my two cats, so "When in Rome" I guess. They partied pretty hard. Lots of ICE, some G and eventually some weed. My cat says that there is nothing like the company of Gina when Tina is around. Those two just seem to hit it off. So plenty of dribble mixed with semi-coherent conversations and some lovely "get to know you" chit chat and then it's 4am. The cats taxi back home before the morning sunlight starts to creep over the horizon and of course, they slip into their nice clean bed with freshly made sheets only to tear the work of art to shreds and sweat through every piece of manchester in the room. So at this point, tomcat had slept for roughly 4-6 hours the night before, my cat is on empty. However, with help from the ICE they had, they shagged all the way through from 4:30am until about 2pm when enough had become enough. My cat's appetite is always there, but her poor little body just couldn't take anymore. And i'm not saying she was "all used up" by any means, with help from the ICE, her privates are literally invincible, it's her back, her legs, her core muscles - all crying out for a rest from the intricate positions she's put them in for long periods of time repeatedly over the last half day.

    As we all know, my cat gets sad when there's no more left. So using that last little bit is always a sour moment. My cat has learnt properly now, how to use the water technique to rape her pipe of all the build up and keep that "waste not want not" mentality. After all THAT was gone, well, they were ok, but there was still two ecstacy pills and some G left from last night. "Let's have some G to help with the comedown and put us to bed" my cat said and tomcat agreed. They measured it out, drank it up, chased with vegemite (the best trick ever from my cat's kittycat friend) and waited. 20 minutes exactly and my cat is off her tree again. Tomcat is loose, but not as much as the cat, who sadly, had neglected to eat much at all over the last 24 hours. That's probably why it hit her the hardest.

    So sunday was comedown day, when they had the last of their incredible sex, polished off the ICE, some more G and then had a few spliffs and went to bed. Monday my cat rolled around in bed until lunchtime and then slept intermittently on the couch all day. Her muscles ACHED, her body felt ruined and let's be honest, she was somewhat irritable. No biggy though, it's what you expect and my cat won't let that define her in the hours or days where that irritability is present. She tries to laugh it off and make the best of the situation. So you're crabby?! Big deal, watch a movie! So she did. Enjoyed the fuck out of it. Nothing like a bit of mindless escapism to ease the pain.

    Today is Tuesday. Back at work. Body is very angry with cat and her abuse of it. It's like she's done a marathon, moved house, climbed a set of stairs in a high rise and then been beaten up. Not good. It's here, where my cat's previous blog post becomes reality as "past cat" knew what "future cat" would feel like (ten points for foresight to the cat!) and suggested a month off. A month off right now sounds delish. My cat's body feels abused. She abused it (well, tomcat helped her LOL) and now she's paying for it. But, she's gotta build it back up and get it healthy before she goes down that path again. And this is why we have to question all things in our life all the time. How healthy is it for my cat to use and abuse her body like this on binges on the time frame she has in mind? What is the time frame? Well, no set times are set in stone as yet, but in this particular frame of mind, when my cat feels as exhausted as she does, she hopes it's many months before she has to feel like this again. But, that being said, she knows that after the exhaustion passes and some more time flies by, the craving for that incredible sex with tomcat will return and the memory of tiredness will become so distant, it will be hard to remember exactly what it felt like. "Was it that bad?"
    Yeah, like you don't really remember how shit you felt at your desk, typing this up, almost crying out as you cross and then re-cross your legs that are aching so badly, you're looking to dream up an excuse to get out of work so you can simply lie down in bed for the rest of the day.

    With the highs come the lows. Life is a rollercaoster. What goes up must come down and ALL THAT. The idea of more ICE to my cat right now sounds somewhat awful. All she's looking for is a bit of normalcy and a little less "aches and pains". There is undoubtedly going to be a time within this next week where her body forgives her, she feels next to normal and the pull will make itself known to her. She's going to fight the fuck out of Tina's pull this time and just hold back for a bit. My cat isn't the most intelligent feline around but she's gotta be smart about some things, and this is one of them. Some things have their limits and although she's not familiar with boundaries (thanks M&D!) my cat and tomcat need them with this and of all things in life that are dangerous and fun and in need of boundaries and limits - this is the one thing that tops the list. Handle with care.

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  1. sassyspy
    I started reading your blog from the first entry, and couldn't stop to comment until I got to your last entry.
    I can identify with much of your behavior and feelings, and I feel I can almost guess where you could end up if you aren't very , very self aware, and also able to control impulsive behaviour. I only seem to have that ability sporadically.

    Be proud of yourself for the control you have and the steps you have taken to reduce the hold that little bag can have on your life.
    I hope you'll keep blogging as you continue your path, you write very well, it's interesting and my heart goes out to you when you are so disappointed in yourself, because I am so familiar with that feeling.
  2. allthewaymay
    Thank you sassyspy - they are very kind words indeed. I've just updated the blog with a seventh entry actually, so hopefully they will post it publicly soon. Thanks for the comment, it's nice to know that other people go through the same things, the ups and downs, the spiralling out of control, the wants, the needs, the "have to have's" etc etc. I just hope people get as lucky as my cat does when they use this drug, in that they have someone to watch over them and care for them, no matter how hard things get. My cat will forever be in debt to tomcat... he is the reason my cat is not in the gutter, I am sure of it :-
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