My cat and her meth journey #8

By allthewaymay · Sep 4, 2012 · ·
  1. allthewaymay
    It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday and my cat and tomcat were enjoying the weekend, soaking up some sun, running some errands... just hanging out together. They went to get some things for dinner and came home with a few bags of groceries. As they were unpacking, my cat opened up the fridge and saw the GHB. "Wanna drink this?" she asked.

    Twenty minutes later tomcat is flying, my cat wasn't too far behind him. They laughed, played music, rolled around on the bed and my cat was keen to keep partying. Would tomcat be though? He made it clear not long after it started to wear off that he was fighting the urge to get some ICE and have some wild sex... but he didn't have a lot of fight left in him. So they arranged it.

    A few hours later, some more cool cats show up, party favours in hand. They set my cats up with four points, had a few cigs and a chat and went on their merry way. The funny thing is, those cats who look after my cats, know what we'll be doing for the next "however many" hours and we know that they'll probably be doing something similar. It's such a sex related drug for my cat and most others she knows who use it.

    So the cats smoked two points each from 9pm Saturday night until Sunday afternoon (at around 3 or 4pm they had their last hit). My cat has totally mastered the water/evaporation technique for cleaning out all the vapour residue and then using it for a few more hits. They fucked for hours and hours and hours, watched porn, got themselves off a few times and then had some more sex. My cat made a conscious effort this time to drink heaps and heaps of water. It may have helped :)

    Although my cat thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the weekend, especially considering it was totally spontaneous and impromptu, there was this feeling of guilt for herself that she hadn't let it go long enough since last time. Instead of just getting excited about the fact that they were using, the guilts crept in a little bit and although it didn't put a damper on the evening/morning/afternoon, it was something new that she hadn't felt before. She wasn't upset and pissed off when the last of it was done either... usually that makes the high a lot less enjoyable, knowing that as of...... NOW, you're offically out of ICE and you already cleaned out the bags and checked for crumbs around the bench :D The good thing was, they had real weed and valium to get to sleep on the Sunday night and it all worked like a treat.

    So it feels like my cat's experiences are changing slightly. Maybe it's a little of tomcat's influence? Maybe it's just wearing thin on my cat? Maybe she's just discovering that the shit really is that dangerous and bad for you that she can longer block that out. Knowing full well how "down and out" my cat has been post use (like, in the following few days or week) this comedown (if you could call it that) is something different. Maybe my cat is starting to smarten up a little bit. There's way more to life than drugs... My cat sorta wishes that when tomcat said he was fighting the urge to get ICE and losing, that she should have stepped in and said, "It's too soon, we shouldn't do it again yet." I think that's it actually. I think my cat just hit the nail on the head. She's disappointed in herself. How can she expect tomcat to be this pillar of strength all the time? He can't ALWAYS be the rescuer, can he? Maybe my cat needs to try her hardest next time it's on offer to "just say no" and try and get a little self respect back.

    Self respect? Ha! You shoulda seen my cat at 9:30 on Saturday night, smoking that pipe like it was going out of style. Ahhh hindsight. You're such a fucking bitch!

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  1. una_cavaletta
    thanks for the update, I am so intrigued by your journey.

    You seem really self-aware - that manifests itself as guilt, I think, or certainly can do.

    And you're right - you can't rely on tomcat all the time. and this is good for YOU too tigerlady, you aren't a slave to ice or anyone really. So by being the strong one (maybe next time?), you are helping him be stronger for you = your relationship & trust will grow.

    do you find sex without the drugs boring now?
  2. allthewaymay
    My cat will certainly have a go at being the stronger one next time, it can only do good things! A few harder decisions made here or there never hurt anyone, in fact, I like to believe that they make people a hell of a lot stronger! :thumbsup:

    Sex without the drug is never the same for my cat, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it was boring for her. You're really comparing apples with oranges. The cats tend to have two different "styles" of sex when using or not using. When using, it's filthy, porn star, role-playing, no holds barred stuff that you could easily write porno stories about and would no doubt make you ashamed to share with someone. When not using, it's more like good quality love making. Both are great, both satisfy, but in all honesty, they're completely different ball games (LOL)

    I think when the cats want a good fuck session, and they want to do it properly, they use. My cat has always thought, if this drug didn't turn her on as much as it does, there would be very little value in it. The cats use it to fuck. They love it. That's not to say that they don't love good quality, sober love-making, but sometimes you want a choc-cherry-coconut icecream, not just a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone :D The lesson there is, indulge too often and you'll get very unhealthy. Everything in moderation! (note to self, remember this next time!)
  3. una_cavaletta
    Thank you again for continuing to share your journey.

    You and tomcat seem to have a pretty healthy attitude towards sex - and yes, you're right: not all sex is the same. If it was all meth-fun, than normal fucking would probably seem pointless.
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