My cat and her meth journey #9

By allthewaymay · Sep 11, 2012 ·
  1. allthewaymay
    Sometimes, when my cat is feeling narcissistic, she likes to think of herself a little like the hooker with a heart of gold. It's funny, because many moons ago, she was a sex worker, albeit briefly and her following was somewhat "large" because she's genuinely a pretty open and honest feline... other cats respond well to that... and she (for some strange, unknown reason) likes to make people feel at ease around her. She wants them to know that they're safe, won't be judged and that she means well. She likes to be nice, as the old saying goes, "It's nice to be nice."

    It's funny, because my little cat also means well when she tries to live her life with drugs incorporated into it. She wants to be a responsible user, she wants to do things as honestly as possible and she never wants to hurt anyone through her choices.

    On Saturday just gone, she finally got up off her spot on the couch and went exercising with tomcat. They'd planned to do it and my cat had wondered if they'd actually put it into action. When cat woke on Saturday, she was keen to go get sweaty and do a good session that would release some endorphins and make her feel proud of herself. So she did :D Her and tomcat spent over an hour slugging it out, feeling the burn, using the muscles that seem to have been forgotten this year and holy shit did it feel good. The natural high from exercising is pretty good... but nothing compares...

    Saturday, the day the cats were expecting some GHB to arrive was a beauty. The day came and went and then night fell. They were both so tired from the exercise that day, that at around 7 or 8pm, they lay in bed, resting their bodies and relaxing. At around 8:30, the GHB finally arrived. What was a lovely and unexpected surprise was that their friend had thrown in a couple of nice little glass rocks as a "thanks" and "love you guys" for some minor muck-a-rounds. Totally unnecessary, but a very welcome gift nonetheless.

    My cat woke up tomcat, let him know that they had some goods (yes tomcat, plural, there is more than one product sitting on the kitchen counter and I think you might like the surprise our feline friend has left for us) and proceeded to "organise" their party favours.

    Dosed with 1.5ml of GHB each, tomcat took a "catepillar jizz" aka natural alternative to viagra bought from the adult store and then they hit the pookie. There was about one point in the bag, two nice little crystals, so they popped one into the pipe and smoked it up. My cat had been sitting there, yawning her arse off non-stop since 6pm absolutely KNACKERED from the workout and the whole day. Tomcat had been asleep during the delivery and also felt incredibly tired. Half a point later... bye bye tiredness, hello porn, hello blowjobs, hello horniness, hello sex and hello to feeling fucking awake and wired. Yes!

    The cats fucked their time away for a few hours, finished the other crystal and dialled up for another delivery. Luckily, they acquired another two points at around 2am. My cat always has the sense/foresight to halve what they have and tuck one bag away for later. So they kept at it, all through the night, smoking the pipe together, fucking, making love, pleasuring one another and just enjoying being naked and horny as fuck.

    Daytime rolled around, and soon enough it was 11am, time for a friend to pop over for a little bit. The cats offered, the feline friend accepted and they all smoked together for a few hits, then put on some "Breaking Bad". Two eps later, the friend left, the cats hit the pipe some more and they continued to fuck. They make an effort to finish up at a certain time so they rest properly after a whole 24hrs+ awake, and they usually like to stop smoking around 4 or 5pm the following day so they can go to bed with the aid of a spliff and some valium. They stopped this time around 6, my cat recalls, with the cat once again, using the water/evap method to make the most of the three points that had gone through the pipe. It's nice to see those numbers right now, my cat feels happy knowing that they're not going through insane amounts of the drug every time they party, as it's so easy to just keep upping the dose as your body adapts.

    They went to bed at 11, my cat could not sleep with tomcat's snoring, so at 1:30am, she rolled out of bed, rolled another spliff, took two valium and finally dozed off. She woke at 7am, read the news and rolled around in bed for two more hours before getting up and putting her face on. She ate pawpaw, drank water, changed the sheets and did washing. No feelings of regret, no wanting more rock, just content with feeling "average" and being somewhat productive. Noon came and then so did the headache. Tomcat was at work, so my cat went to bed to lay down. Dozed for a couple of hours, and the headache had worsened so a valium and two other tablets that contain codeine and other such goodies were swallowed and the cat continued to sleep. 6pm she woke, feeling refreshed, a little tired, but good to go. A good healthy dinner, although a small one, some TV, some weed and then eventually, some more sleep.

    My cat cannot stress it enough. Sleep is absolutely necessary if you want to use this drug and go to work two days later. My cat cannot begin to understand why people stay up for days and days... use it and be done with it. Well, that's what works for my cat anyway.

    My cat knows it's been two weekends in a row now. She also knows that she was meant to have a go at being responsible "next time" which was "this time" and she failed it. BUT she meant well! She DID exercise, she did plan on a night of GHB and she certainly didn't plan on a surprise package and tomcat feeling up for it. But all's well that ends well. Yes, it was another naughty bender, yes it was probably a little too soon, yes she should have practised some self restraint and yes, she should have tried to set a good example, BUT, my cat figures she used a little, used it up, followed the rules, got her rest, stayed hydrated and pleased the fuck out of tomcat's cock for many, many hours... so she doesn't feel guilty about it. Not this time.

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