My Chemical Aromance

By Aminatrix · Jul 12, 2012 · ·
  1. Aminatrix
    Note: fiction,as if i have to say it... Not looking for sources, would accept info on labs that do testing, but that's all. I am only illustrating the path taken by a recent psychonaut.

    When I first learned of Research Chemicals, it was 2007, 2c-e and 2c-i were mentioned to me by a roommate, and the idea was extremely intriguing. I am fairly well educated, and continue to become more educated, and I always take things too seriously, even my fun times. Seemed to be the perfect experiment. Anyway, I lost my job and therefore my place shortly after and was never able to realize these goals, however I did start reading the books from our beloved Shura & Ann.

    My fascination thrived, my senses tingled, every page that I read flooded my brain with chemicals, lulling me into a sometimes deep, others mild delirium. To think, "if just reading these words can make me feel like this... imagine what the compounds could do." The only child of Shulgin I have ever known was MDMA, and she was a lovely girl. Made me feel things I had never experienced, came to know love and I couldn't have possibly ever before understood it. And the possibility of show much more made me quiver with antici.....................................................................................................................................................................................................pation.

    After about a year I came back into reality from an opiate dependency, this time with renewed focus and not easily distracted by (or reminded of) these chemicals. It wasn't until news of the DEA emergency ban on 2c-i illegal, one of the compounds i was looking forward to the most. (I seem to remember the DEA banning some of shulgins chems around 2007-2008 but can't seem to recall the details). The emergency ban triggered a shock wave through me not easily shaken: these chemicals are not as easily produced by 'cooks' and if they were, who would want to take them? The alure is the purity, knowing that (if done carefully and correctly) you will get exactly what chemical you want, and be taken to a journey like never before.

    This crushed my soul a bit, having never actually stepped foot onto the RC scene, I wasn't aware of which channels to use, and apparently not enthralled enough to venture online to an unknown vendor and purchase relatively untested chemicals. Finally, 2012: the end of the world, some predict, the start of a new one, say I. Rumors of "bath salt" related violence and media foolishness spread around, quickly I recognized these to be RC's, I thought "wow sold OTC in head shops?" But wasn't able to find them readily, although I only checked a few places in a few cities in 2 counties.

    Finally my curiosity was so strong I could wait no longer, I delved into countless hours of research, coming up with a few vendors that I thought could be reliable, (at least I could test them out, anyway.)

    I placed a few orders, and waited, rather impatiently, counting down the hours until next post, often disappointed when the moment finally arrived and my package was nowhere to be seen. Finally I got something: 6-apb + 5-apb (with DOC also, but less interested in that). Aww, I was hoping to get the 25i-nbome one this day, oh well.

    Oh well, I can just get the 25i-nbome tomorrow, and try this today; and boy was I in for a ride.

    After carefully weighing out 120mg of 6-apb, I parachuted it and sent it down the hatch like a paratrooper out of a blackhawk. Within 20 minutes mild euphoria set in, objects had a softer feel (but still looked crisp and sharp), everything was good. It felt like a mild benzo, but more interesting.

    Finally, 2 hours and change later, the fury kicked in. I instantly dropped to the floor, kneading the carpet with my bare hands, absorbing as many nerve impulses as possible. Euphoria now peaking, music was just incredible.

    I had also taken this with a friend, and he may have lost control... After I went to sleep, (it was amazing that I could sleep near the end of the experience), Pratt got into my real benzos! Oh no a disaster! Without even realizing it himself, he had taken 20+ 2mg strong benzos, and eaten about 500 mg of 6apb powder (in addition to 60-80mg of 5-apb).

    After the lab assistant realized what Pratt had done (she was off the clock), she awoke me and we both began to monitor the situation like hawks. Pratt was up and zombified, running around the house like a bear, knocking things down, plowing things over.. Even going as far as to try to BLOW UP HIS OWN HANDS with a small amount TNT that only he could see.

    After a long and sleepless night, he finally got to sleep, for a few short hours. The next day, Pratt and I went to the city to acquire some 25i-nbome. Pratt tried some on the way home, but I waited until we were secure. Pratt must have swallowed his dose because he felt nothing.

    500ug to each and 20 minutes later, both at a + to ++. The experience can be better explained in another post, but basically, Pratt had no memory at all of the previous night-- he said "I just passed out, right?" After worrying us all night, wow. Bold words.

    Lesson: ALWAYS keep all of your material LOCKED in a SAFE. Even your best friend can turn fiend and almost explode a situation.

    Thank god nothing bad happened, but if Pratt had taken 1 or 2 of the ---DOC things could have been much worse.

    Lesson learned, fun had-- lives changed, for the better hopefully.


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  1. edDafuss
    We do indeed learn something new every day. RC is an entirely new concept for me. I mean, wow! This thread sparked intrest to investigate futher. So I think I'll be spending time asking the unknown to reveal it's secrets. (and reading DF) Alas these thoughts and ideas are running in my mind. And as dangerous as it is this is ground breaking stuff hoping to reveal the next level.
    Science, not unlike the mind can be wonderful and deadly at the same time,
    Started to really feel your story flow through my vains as it began to peak intensely and then, the end. Please keep safety as your first priority. I'll be lookind forward to your reads

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