My decline or maybe uphill battle from new neurology diagnosis

A new neurological diagnosis suggests my problem has been killing off neural connections for a decade. This blog is almost medically prescribed....
By Healer · Jan 12, 2015 ·
  1. Healer
    This is the introduction post to what I might add to a series or I'll make multiple articles under this one. I've had psych problems starting when I was 10. I was not seeing a doctor at this age. Every year my problem got worse of I got a new problem. I ignored them and never said anything. Once I hit adult hood I became mentally ill and physically suffering from such a list of problems my doctors thought I was faking things. After hitting double digits full on seizures manifested and what I've been complaining of for years finally shown it's ugly teeth. Nobody doubted me anymore and realized a real problem was happening.

    2 years ago my physical body began to break down, or so it seemed. What I now know is that was all caused from neurological problems. This was the most extreme way my disease shown itself in a way others can see for the first time. This event puts a dot on what isn't baseline normal body/brain function but it marks a dramatic and rapid alteration in what was happening to my brain. At this point my baseline brain health graph is climbing and the peak nearly put me to death.

    The blog preview sums it up but does not explain anything in detail. This is just an introductory post to give you all a feel for the the things to come and if you care to keep tabs on it it not. I still am not comfortable talking about exactly what is wrong and causing the issue. Doctors can't come to a conclusion either. What we have come to conclude is that even on brain scans the structure of my brain is sound. Recording the electric impulses of my brain show normal results. Dementia is not historic and I have no signs of that either. I am currently a mystery.

    I had a serious episode shortly before the new year and that put me on medications the start of this new year. Those were to stop seizures and stabilize my mood caused from the neuron damage. Those proven to have negative effects that outweigh the positives so a new round has been given to me, just to keep my mental status normal. There is no treatment anybody can think of for me.

    This blog is almost a medical prescription. Twice a month I have to see a physician to study english and grammer. My last assessment test in grade school in 7th grade in all subjects put me at the lower end, but in the group of 12th grade students and college students taking courses on subjects tested. This was the height of my cognition. At the last peak of my hospital visit before I was diagnosed that was 14 hours long not all at the same time, suggest my english and grammar skills are now almost below 5th grade and all other subject would place me back in middle school. This explains why I have given up on all my hobbies and education since I was a teenager, after taking those assessment tests.

    I am told if I don't "flex" the "muscles" by using my brain those areas that control the functions like writing and vocabulary will die off and I might have the memory of how to do it but physically speaking and writing will no longer work. Everything is so bizarre there will have to be many specific topics on subjects. I'll update daily as its part of my recovery and brain study. I was only told to see a physician twice a week to work on these skills to try to keep them. I already notice they have declined. 2 days a month is not enough. This is my plan.

    Diagnosis : Not definitive. I sourced many doctors to take my case and they have thought up a handful of things but not everything fits enough to say I have a specific certain diagnosis. Whatever it is is either so rare western science knows nothing of it or its an unknown disease. Or it may even be a mutation of a gene that would of caused dementia and is doing something new.

    Please don't think I'll be emberassed from anybody poinnting out mistakes I make. I proof read everything a lot of times. So it looks good to me before I post. If I make a serious error that is obvious to everyone in my mind it's correct. Those things must be picked up on. I figured this community would be most enthused to just read about me for some. Others might want to talk about it and ask questions. I tried this on more medical-related forums and the only people who replied or had interest were med students or real professionals who try to diagnose. Which opinions on whats wrong compared to other disorders are welcome for me.

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    A newly converted straightedge user, but still hungry for knowledge about drugs and I want to start to promote harm reduction again, but better than before. I was this year diagnosed for a problem with my brain that's been causing problems over a decade. Finally years of seeing doctors pays off. The diagnosis was scary at first. Personally I just like to read, and learn about things online. About anything. I used to travel a lot for research work. Sadly I don't recall much of it anymore. That just means I have to research more! I blog now and will spending a big chunk of time doing that.

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