My Dog ate my Research chemical...

By Aminatrix · Jul 27, 2012 · ·
  1. Aminatrix
    My Dog ate my RC: An account of 25i-NBOMe
    It's 6:30pm, the long day is finally getting a close... Thursday night, "Ah, " you sigh, "Almost Friday and the weekend it brings." You get home, turn on the music, and kick off your shoes. "Nothing to do now except wait boringly for sleep to come."

    Not tonight. The moment we all dread is about to happen: Your "dog" eats some of your research chemicals! "Uh oh, guess a long night of 'observing' is ahead of me, this is almost as bad as when he accidentally ate some 6-APB right before he had to take his family to dinner!"

    Your don't even notice anything going on at first, casually listening to the beats rocking you into to a blissful trance, your dog walks over to the table, and slips a test unit of 25i-NBOMe into his mouth. It gets 'stuck' in between the cheek and gum, because he's a sloppy eater. You notice the dog, named "SWIMfan," by your desk but don't stop him.

    20 minutes pass by, slowly you start noticing ol' Swimmer's ears waggling. He shuffles across your floor, scooting his butt along the carpet. You start to suspect he might have got into your chemicals, but when you ask him he says, "it wasn't me it was SEWIM, (Else)! You gotta believe me!"

    "Oh really?" you ask.

    "That's my story and I'm sticking to it, now where is my attorney?"

    "Well at least your a smart pup." From this point on you notice that he is so blasted that YOU can practically see through his eyes and feel what he feels.

    From Swimfan:

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  1. edDafuss
    I'm sure my cat Dr.J would love to hang out with your dog and run a few test. Maybe talk about the dog days of summer or how every body (seemingly) wants to be a cat cause the cat is the cat who knows where its at. Rest assured he really is a fur dog at heart. (just kidding) Proceed sir....(<:hoover:(<:eek:fftopic:
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