My elbow hurts. When will my tolerance drop?

By DocBrock · May 21, 2012 ·
  1. DocBrock
    I clumsied yesterday. Rammed my right elbow onto a sharp corner of the fire. Meh, I was firelocked anyway.
    Bone splinter straight into the joint. That hurt when I moved. Ouch!, I said. Ouch indeedy.

    Wife is prescribed codeine for days when her back is really hurting. 30mg tablets and lots of them. I didn't want to fall, so didn't take any. A little manipulation, and the splinter came back out. Hint:- don't rive your finger onto the end of a bone you've just knocked a splinter off. Yes, it -is- interesting to feel the small triangular break, and yes, that really is a bone splinter.


    Only the second time in my life I've ever passed out through pain.

    Paracetamol don't work for me. Ibuprofen gives me the liqui-squits even with a gut liner tablet. Codeine, vodka or nothing then.

    I chose nothing. Fecking hurt though.

    2am and I'm almost crying in pain.

    2:10 give in, raid wife’s codeine. 120mg

    3:00 now I am actually crying in pain

    4:00ish another 180mg

    6:00ish ashamed to say I took 10

    No analgesic effect, not even a buzz to lighten my mood. In February this year, I was taking 1g per day, spaced over the day. Very nice it was too ( not really ), now, 600mg has zero effect.

    A&E:- Yes, you've fractured your elbow and there is a bone splinter visible. Shouldn't go into the joint. Keep it immobilised for two weeks as best you can and here is a prescription for co-codamol.

    Me:- Can't take them, supposed to be kicking opiates, had 600mg before arrival.

    Nurse:- How are you walking?

    A&E were convinced I was holding out for something stronger in the opiate line. I didn't want painkillers, just the confirmation X-Ray. Slings are crap. Hooking my thumb in my first belt loop is more comfy. I may have been the first person they've met in a while who refused painkillers.

    Am I now immune to the analgesic effect of codeine?, will my tolerance drop?

    Similar thing happened when I had the end of a finger sewn back on a couple of years ago ( tedious, unfunny story avoided ).

    I was offered valium, which of course I accepted.

    'Have you taken valium before?'

    '30mg before we drove here, I'm on 40mg per day'

    <consultation ensued, I was nearly climbing the walls>

    'we'll give you another 10mg'

    I was still shaking like the proverbial shitting dog with nerves, so necked another 20mg. The person due surgery with another surgeon same time as me nodded out on 10mg and was away with the fairies. Oh I remember when benzos could do that to me too. Now, I take the minimum to keep the WD nasties away and to control the trembling I seem to have acquired. That bloody tolerance hasn't dropped either!

    Not long ago, I made a mistake which brought the benzo WD's to the fore. I had to take action as I was getting my first signs of seizure. 28mg over an hour. Yeah, the WD's went, but nothing. No recreational effect at all.

    The drugs don't work anymore :-(

    My guess is my tolerance will plummet without me knowing it. One day, I'll clumsy and break something. It'll hurt, I'll take 120mg codeine and wind up flat on the floor, or the seizure warning will come, I'll take the first 10mg valium and nod out during the half hour wait to see if the seizure whine has gone ( we all get our own warning signs ).

    If anyone should fall back into old habits, or legitimately need one of their old drugs of choice, best start small. 600mg of codeine was fucking stupid. If I had got a buzz, even the slightest happy tingle, even a fucking itch for chrissakes, would that have been the start?. Even now, I'm drawn to wifeys codeine stash. Even now I'm making excuses for raiding it. Planning in advance.

    Fuck, the planning shows that even an amount below recreational brings the addiction back. Planning how to take it, what excuses, how much, do I have a secret stash of poppy pods. One more tea won't hurt. YES IT WILL YOU DAFT SOD. And no, no secret stashes.

    Guess this is PAWS coupled with taking your old mainstay, and yes it's annoying, especially typing left handed.

    Take care. My old habit bit me on the arse today.

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