My First Run-In With Nudists

By NoLaurelTree000 · Sep 23, 2008 · ·
  1. NoLaurelTree000
    so today i went with a bunch of friends to this gorge near me. there are straight vertical cliffs on both sides of the water so you can jump off them, there are waterfalls you can swim under etc etc. i had never been there before, and neither had one of the girls that was with us, but the rest of my friends had been there numerous times. in the car ride up, one of my friends jokingly commented "i hope when we get up there, there's gonna be lots of naked old hippies!". my other friend adds, "never been up there when there werent". i thought they were kidding...

    we got there and its a little bit of a hike down this trail to get to one of the jumping spots (there are a bunch). after about a five minute walk, we arrive, and its PACKED with people. probably around 40ish people in a tiny area. so im just chilling thinking "wow this is pretty sweet, i can dig this place. its fucking gorgeous here, i should come back with my camera sometime and take some pictures, etc etc".

    so i take off my shoes and my shirt and move down the rock ledge a bit so i can get to the edge to jump off. im still in my natural state of ecstasy being completely rocked by the extreme beauty of the place when, BAM, laying in front of me is a 55 year old fat man, bare ass naked smiling at me. WTF?????

    ill digress from the story for a moment to fill in some back story. the town we were in is known to be one of the most hippy places around. hell, there is a commons which is a section of small mom & pop shops, that has at least 4 stores that sell bowls/salvia/hemp clothing, etc. apparently is just accepted practice at the gorges for people to walk around naked. and everyone knows that hippies like to be naked. so moving back to the story....

    well, at this first spot there is said naked dude, and another dude next to him, just chilling in the middle of everyone. i was kinda awkward as everyone there is clothed, 18-28ish, getting hammered, jumping off of cliffs, and two random naked old men chilling with their wangs out a flopping. personally i think they were creepy exhibitionists and not really nudists.

    but anyways, we decide to leave this spot after a bit, because one of my friends knows how to get to this waterfall that you can swim and under and behind, and explore on top of. so after we walk 10 minutes on a "trail", i swore we had to trek through the jungles of vietnam along the way (we all agreed that some jimi hendrix tunes would have been perfect), we get to the next spot. at first sight of the falls, i was back on my natural high of awe and wonder of the beauty of nature.

    so im looking around and theres this one dude chilling out in the middle of the water painting rocks that are sticking out of the water (probably tripping face) and there was a guy and a girl standing on the waters edge. the dude was wearing khakis and a dress shirt and the girl was wearing a long polka dotted dress, the kinda thing my mom would wear. for some reason when i looked at them i was thinking that these people look like they are going to church.

    well, we get our shoes off and what not and swim over to the waterfall and are chilling under/behind it having a great time. there was a little path to one side of the waterfall that you could follow to get up on top of it. when we get to the top of it i look down behind us and i see that couple swimming out into the water. im thinking "oh wow, i didnt think churchfolk would....OMGZ THEY ARE BOTH FUCKING NAKED?!?!"

    yep. more nudists. so we left and followed the stream feeding the waterfall upstream for a bit. there were more or less straight up rock walls on both sides and occasional small waterfalls and rapids and whatnot. it was seriously one the single greatest experiences of my life. i have never been to anyplace remotely like it, any would probably be hard pressed to find someplace that could compare to it.

    so anyways we follow it back for a bit, climb up more shit, mess around etc etc. so we come back to the first waterfall and i get to the edge and look down, and the couple from before are climbing up on some rocks and jumping off of them into the water. and the woman....well, there wasnt much to complain about...i might of stole a glance or two. [​IMG]

    we get bored up ontop of the waterfall and decide to go back down the path and get into the main body of water again. well, upon getting down, i look around and realize that apparently this was the spot to go for nudists. there were probably 5-10 old men (i was looking anywhere they werent so i wasnt really counting) all bare ass naked just chilling like nothings up. oh, and that acid head from before that was painting rocks, yep, naked now too.

    so we are just trying to chill and still have a good time, even though we all feel like straight up creepers or something as we are all clothed in the middle of a nudist convention. and to make matters worse, there is some 60 year old fat guy (and i mean fat) that would proceeded to walk back and forth on the waters edge walking back and forth infront of us. WTF????? so pretty soon we decide, alright, we should head back, this is getting weird.

    so we walk all the way back out to the cars, drive back home, stop at subway (i got the italian BMT btw) go back to my house, get drunk, everyone leaves, and here i am typing this shit.

    so yeah, i had my first run in with nudists today. what i learned from the situation: im not a nudist.

    nothing against nudist or anything (i honestly respect them for having the balls to do what they do, and i somewhat envy them) but it just came as somewhat of a shocker as ive never ran into nudists before. so yeah, my first run in with nudists....

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  1. Fight Club
    Adam and Eve were nudists . . .

    You should probably figure out why you are so uncomfortable with nudity; yours and theirs.

  2. old hippie 56
    Are you scared of naked old hippies? We're harmless!
  3. Metomni
    Nudism is awesome. I would love it if there were no clothes ever. There really is no point. I mean, when its cold, yeah, a jacket is nice. But seriously, in every day life, I would love nothing more than to be more free. Clothes just suck, seriously.
  4. Heretic.Ape.
    I'm all for going back to togas... I like freedom and breathing room but something to keep the sun and wind off my fair skin ;)
  5. enquirewithin
    Bad luck! No gorgeous women, just old men!!!:(
  6. savingJenniB
    If nudity freaks you out ~ and indeed it sounds as if it does. I recommend you not attend any Rainbow Gathers or the Burning Man Celebrations in the Black Rock Desert (Northern Nevada) . . . . oh and practically every beach on the Mediterranean (at least the northern European ones!).

    Personally, I think that people who wear clothing to go swimming are weird.

    Just sign me,
    Bare Boobies since the '60's
  7. radiometer
    That's a funny story. I probably would have chilled out with them and gone skyclad too after a while if I was in the right mood. But my wife would have been with you - "I'm the fuck outta here..." She has a hard time hanging her freak flag out where other people can see it.
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