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  1. sweetsugar
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I hope that the poem tells the story itself!![/FONT]
    My Guardian AngelThis is what you mean to me,what I think of you.In words, a way you cannot see,but every one is true.You are always close though not here,you see, you're in my heart;surrounded, so much warmth and love,we'll never be apart.Constantly you rule my mind,your face I see so clear,so far away, where night meets dayyet, soul to soul so near.I remember one day whenwe sat down by the lake.Your beauty swept all things aside,Gods' own creations fake.To me you were the one real thing,for seconds only you,within a haze stood out so clear,that haze was love, I knew.You stood for all things beautiful,loving, kind and good,perfection so personified,I only wish I could,Just tell you what you mean to me,just what I think of you.But you're not here, the reaper cameand tore my heart in two.The shattered world in which I'd livedsince, had but one real hope.I now can see things differently,an angel helps me cope.I've realised that you're safer now,the place where you should be.A Paradise I'll gain one day,our souls united,free.The guardian ever by my sideI sense your loving touch,I smell the sweetness of you here,they comfort me so much.You are my life, and everywhereplease be my guiding light.Show me the safest way to youthere, where day meets night.I'll show you what you mean to me,show all the world it's true.I'll show you there, in Gods' own eyes,my angel, I love you.



  1. mickenator
    It would be nice if everyone had a guardian angel like that.
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