My journey into the world of drugs - part 2

By Rd91825 · May 13, 2016 · ·
  1. Rd91825
    In part 1 of this series I described my first experience of meth, after many years of staying away from all drugs.

    Now I was a drug user, and I knew it wouldn't be a one-off. It wasn't long before I was looking for my next 'chem play' session with like-minded guys - and Grindr was full of opportunities.

    Only a few days later I met up with a guy who agreed to show me what a (proper) booty bump was. When I arrived he prepared a syringe in front of me with a solution of water and meth, although as I knew nothing about dosage at this point I couldn't tell how strong he made it. As instructed, I lay on my side as the contents of the syringe were squirted just inside my ass.

    After a few seconds I started to feel the effects - a very pleasant warm, fuzzy feeling similar to when I had tina piss in my ass but much stronger. My ass was extra sensitive and I had the strongest desire to be fucked. The anal sex that followed was so intense and felt amazing.

    Over the next few weeks I regularly met up with guys for 'wired' play - mostly smoking meth whilst watching porn, sucking each other off and chilling. There wasn't as much fucking as I would have liked (partly due to the tina dick problem), but it was still fun. Guys were happy to share with a new user and there was never any mention of paying for the drug (I had no idea how much it cost).

    On a few occasions slamming (IV) was discussed, and I grew curious. I watched a couple of guys inject themselves and was fascinated by the look of extreme pleasure on their face as they experienced the rush I'd heard about. Just one small injection was all they needed to get super high, it seemed much quicker and more efficient than smoking (which I still struggled to get right every time). I was asked if I wanted to try it and was tempted, but my fear of needles took over and ended up booty bumping instead. However, it felt nowhere near as good as that first booty bump and ended up disappointing me.

    I had the urge to try slamming, but needed to find an expert who would be able to do it for me. I'd been chatting to a guy about my previous experiences with meth for a while, and when I was visiting his city for a short break we decided to meet up.

    He offered to pick me up from near my hostel and drive me to his place just outside the city. Once I got into his car, he told me he was a dealer and had access to the best quality product in the city. He also said that he liked to slam and would love to help me experience my first slam if I was up for it. I was nervous, but felt comfortable with him and so determined to give it a try, so agreed.

    When we arrived at his place I watched him prepare the syringes. This time I'd done plenty of research in advance about dosage, so was reassured when he measured out a small dose under 0.1g for me. He had about 3 times as much in his own syringe.

    I was given a basic tourniquet to wrap around my right arm and told to hold the end to keep it tight. I was unable to watch the rest, but remember each step clearly: his fingers tapping on my arm to find a vein, the sharp smell of the alcohol swab that was wiped over my skin, a calm voice saying "small scratch.. ", a slight sharp pain as the needle went in, then "you can let go now"...

    Was that it? It was quicker than I expected and not as scary. For a few brief seconds I wondered what all the fuss was about...but then it hit me. A strange cold sensation in my throat, a shortness of breath, a few coughs, then WOW. I was flying, I felt so high and I was overcome with waves of pleasure. It was the best feeling I'd ever experienced and so different to smoking or booty bumping. It was so intense, like doing a new, stronger drug.

    That was my first rush. It seemed to last ages, and I felt unable to get up from the sofa for several minutes. The high lasted much longer than usual too, and I had fun with several guys over the next day or two.

    I'd conquered my fear of needles (kindof) and found a new way to enjoy meth. It was a big step, but I didn't regret it.

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  1. TweakORLifeNOTboth
    You write and tell a story well. An interesting and pleasant read. I enjoyed it, both parts, and some fascinating stuff I probably would have never known about gay culture.
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