My life of sadness and how Ethnobotanicals are saving it.

By KratomBound · Sep 18, 2014 · ·
  1. KratomBound
    Hello there. So I'm not sure if anyone wants to see this kind of thing but I'd like to put it out there for anyone who may be interested in my experiences. I will probably be adding to this.

    I was first diagnosed with major depression and general anxiety disorder when I was 14 years old, about a year or a little more after my parents split up. Since then I have been through a number of deep and dark abysses of hopelessness, had three different therapists, been prescribed several pharmaceutical anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, and have partaken in some drug abuse, none of which ultimately got me where I always desperately hoped and wished to be, which was just to be in a state of happiness and functionality.

    Now, I know there is the viewpoint that substances are not the way to go as far as during mental ailments, and for good reason. I have experienced firsthand what overall effects the longterm use of things like dxm, spice blends, alcohol, and especially THE VERY THINGS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP, pharmaceutical drugs can be for someone like me.

    Here is what I have found, at least in my case, to differ with that viewpoint. Ethnobotanicals. Natures very best and brightest plants are one of the last places I ever thought to look when searching for an escape. But thats just it, they aren't just an escape in the way that drugs of the past have been for me. They have proven to be a solution. An off switch for my negativity and anxiety essentially.

    I have smoked my fair share of Mary J in my time, but I'm talking a little more exotic. While I do still enjoy Marijuana on occasion, I have found that regular usage just becomes an addiction that eats a little more of my life and money away than I am willing to deal with. I am talking about many plants, but the two most important to me are Kratom and Kanna.

    I began with Kratom, and I did not seek it out to get high. I began to really think about solving my problems and not running from them, so I started looking for something that could have a TRUE antidepressant effect on me. I found Kratom and began dosing almost daily, 5 grams twice a day. This was working phenomenally, and when stopping I had no withdrawal issues, but I found the more days in a row I used it, it became slightly less effective. This is when I got smarter about things. I have heard of many mild mannered plants in my research that I often experiment with just for slight added effect, but I needed another ethno that packs a powerful positive punch like Kratom. I found what every indication told me was just what I needed. Kanna. Kanna is definitely different in certain ways as its mechanisms of action are very different, but the same overall goal is reached, my anxiety and depression are obliterated. I now alternate taking my Kratom capsule doses one day, my Kanna(1 gram twice a day) capsule doses the next, and so on. (I make the capsules myself) I have seen an extreme improvement where tolerance is concerned. It's all working the same as when I first tried it.

    Any questions regarding anything will be gladly addressed if anyone is curious.
    I would highly recommend a responsible(I believe it to be responsible anyway, haven't had ANY issues with any of this usage) usage of plants such as these to anyone who wants to have a go at true happiness, and is tired of masking problems with heavy inebriation.

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  1. thirdeyelasik
    Nice blog and I am glad you found something to help you with your depression. Isn't it strange that something you searched out and found on your own is more helpful than all the drugs those so called "in the know aka doctors" are paid to prescribe?
  2. Waiting For The Fall
    Thank you for a well-written and informed narrative. You are truly enlightened about the whole pharmacological drug runaround. It supports what I and others here on the forum have found to be true for ourselves. Searching out a botanical and using it to replace a prescription drug, in my case an SSRI, removes side effects and keeps us in a state of well-being. My favorite plant is mucuna pruriens.
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