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  1. fnord


  1. old hippie 56
    Like to find one of them signs pertaining to the exiles, feel like one today!

    Nice looking dog also.
  2. RaverHippie
    reminds me of a pitbull. my brother adopted two of them and they're delightful dogs to have if you can raise them from a puppy.
  3. MrG
    Same for Rottweilers. Thick as two short ones though. Nice but dim.
  4. purplehaze
    Fnord, The local store and the one across the street are the same link.
  5. old hippie 56
    Must be a small town!
  6. fnord
  7. fnord
    errggggg!!! basterd ate my shoes!!
  8. Tamis
    It's a pitbull :)

    I have the same one !
  9. MrG
    How can you have the same one?

    Same type, perhaps, but not the same actual dog. Or is some sort of ransom demand about to follow?
  10. Tamis
    Nah keep him :)

    I have one that looks very much like yours. And I know the parents, so I can assure you it is a pitbull...

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