My Own Little Niche- A place for some peace of mind

By derpahderp · Jan 31, 2013 ·
  1. derpahderp
    Smell that fresh New blog space air... well, it's not exactly a new car smell,
    but it looks all brand new and it's my own spot. Yay!

    I've only had a certain amount of time to enjoy this but will say that this:

    I will continue utilizing this format for now and will evolve into much more as I read up on all the odds and ends you can do with a D-F blog. Being able to put up the factual alongside some very private thoughts is a tight rope walk between giving too much or too little information when it comes to the criteria of a forum style post.

    IF this is indeed my own spot, Im very thankful for having the opportunity to continue my thoughts here.. and for now, I am just Really and Truly appreciative for having found a small place to put some peace to some subjects that have been difficult coping with in the past.

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