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My personal journey towards recovery part 2 The Data

  1. LasVegasEd777
    The following is a detailed account of my drug intake from the beginning of my ongoing attempt to free myself from the chains of Subutex addiction.

    Friday 3/7/2014
    8:05 AM Subutex 2mg. Last day before breaking Subs in half
    8:43 PM Valium 10mg. To help with sleep
    8:43 PM gabapentin 800mg. To help with sleep

    Saturday 3/8
    8:05AM Subutex 1mg. My first attempt at splitting my dose over a12 hour period
    6:32PM Valium 10mg.
    9:21PM gabapentin 800mg.
    11:23PM Subutex 1mg.

    Sunday 3/9
    11:40AM Subutex 1mg. Only took one because I felt good from splitting dose period
    9:52PM Valium 10mg.
    9:52PM gabapentin 800mg.

    Monday 3/10
    5:34AM Subutex 1mg. Continued with 12 hour split
    5:15PM Subutex 1mg.
    9:56PM Valium 10mg.
    10:03PM gabapentin 800mg.

    Tuesday 3/11
    6:30AM Subutex 1mg.
    6:38PM Subutex 1mg.
    8:20PM Valium 10mg.

    Wednesday 3/12
    9:09AM Subutex 1mg. Buildup in my system made it easy to skip a dose
    9:10PM Valium 10mg.

    Thursday 3/13
    8:30AM Subutex 1mg. My first try to go into unchartered territory
    8:34PM Valium 10mg.

    Friday 3/14
    3:34AM Subutex 1mg. Had to go back to the 12 hour split from rebound w/d
    12:13PM Valium 20mg.
    5:26PM Subutex 1mg.

    Saturday 3/15
    9:18AM Subutex 1mg.
    6:21PM Valium 10mg. Taking a steady 10mg. due to benzo addiction
    9:38PM Subutex 1mg.

    Sunday 3/16
    2:43PM Subutex 1mg. Took another shot at dropping my dose
    3:41PM gabapentin 800mg.
    3:44PM Valium 20mg.

    Monday 3/17
    7:52AM Subutex 1mg. Consistently rebounding after less than 24 hours
    7:48PM Valium 10mg.
    8:38PM Subutex 1mg.
    8:49PM Aleve 440mg. Headache from inconsistent Sub cycling
    8:51PM gabapentin 800mg.

    Tuesday 3/18
    5:51PM Subutex 1mg. A pattern has developed with 1 day @2mg and 1 @ 1mg.
    11:00PM Valium 10mg.

    Wednesday 3/19
    8:21AM Subutex 1mg. Fell off slightly from exhaustion from trying too hard
    5:23PM Lyrica 75mg.
    7:00PM Valium 10mg.
    8:01PM Subutex 1mg.

    Thursday 3/20
    9:05AM Subutex 1mg.
    6:36PM Lyrica 75mg.
    7:26PM Valium 10mg.
    7:49PM Subutex 1mg.

    Friday 3/21
    7:12AM Subutex 1mg.
    2:30PM Valium 10mg.
    5:16PM Lyrica 75mg.

    Saturday 3/22
    5:52AM Subutex 1mg.
    6:51PM Valium 10mg.
    6:52PM Subutex 1mg.
    9:26PM Lyrica 75mg.

    Sunday 3/23
    7:30AM Subutex 1mg.
    7:24PM Valium 10mg.
    7:24PM Lyrica 75mg.
    8:48PM Subutex 1mg.

    Monday 3/24
    7:30AM Aleve 440mg.
    8:25AM Subutex .5mg. Began splitting the Subs up into quarters
    7:02PM Subutex .5mg.
    7:02PM Valium 10mg.
    10:21PM Lyrica 75mg.
    10:21PM Valium 10mg.

    Tuesday 3/25
    8:36AM Aleve 440mg.
    11:06AM Subutex .5mg.
    11:17AM Subutex 1mg.
    8:36PM Lyrica 75mg.
    8:38PM Valium 10mg.

    Wednesday 3/26
    7:10AM Subutex .5mg. 3 good days at low dose
    11:15AM Valium 10mg.

    Thursday 3/27
    6:29AM Subutex .5mg. Rebounding again
    7:27AM Valium 10mg.
    9:25AM Subutex .5mg.
    6:44PM Aleve 440mg. Resulting headache
    6:44PM Lyrica 75mg.
    8:29PM Subutex .5mg

    Friday 3/28
    7:20AM Aleve 440mg.
    8:19 AM Valium 20mg.
    9:45AM Subutex .5mg.
    10:45AM Lyrica 75mg.

    Saturday 3/29
    12:37AM Subutex 1mg.
    7:00PM Valium 10mg.
    7:12PM Lyrica 75mg.
    7:30PM Valium 10mg.

    Sunday 3/30
    5:40AM Subutex .5mg.
    1:37PM Valium 10mg.
    7:42PM Lyrica 75mg.
    7:43PM Subutex .5mg.

    Summary for March
    I made some progress, dropping from a steady 2mg./day down to 1mg. the gabapentin and Lyrica kept me from night sweats. They had been a problem any time prior to this if I missed a single dose. The Valium is a problem at this point because I am clearly taking it too often, and the problem will get worse before it gets better.

    Stay Tuned


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