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My personal journey towards recovery part 3 Fast Forward

  1. LasVegasEd777
    OK, so I thought I would spare you the monotony of giving you every detail of every medication I tool along with the Subutex. By now, you probably get the picture as to how I deal with the side effects from w/d.
    We will now fast forward to July 30th and I will list only my Subutex doses with the time and date. If you have any questions, just ask.

    Hopefully, you will find useful patterns. My current state of mind is one of anxiety and confusion, so this is the best I can do.

    Wednesday 7/30 2014
    8:15AM Subutex 2mg.

    Thursday 7/31
    9:50AM 2mg.

    Friday 8/1
    7:25AM 1.5mg.

    Saturday 8/2
    8:32AM 2mg.

    Sunday 8/3
    7:49AM 1.5mg.

    Monday 8/4
    7:20AM 1mg.

    Tuesday 8/5
    7:56AM 1.5mg.

    Wednesday 8/6
    4:46PM 1mg.

    Thursday 8/7
    8:33AM 1mg.

    Friday 8/8
    8:33AM 1mg.

    Saturday 8/9
    8:12AM 1mg.

    Sunday 8/10
    8:59AM 1mg.

    Monday 8/11
    7:30AM 1mg.

    Tuesday 8/12
    8:23AM 1mg.
    12:59PM 1mg.

    Wednesday 8/13
    1:12PM 1mg.

    Thursday 8/14
    8:30AM 1mg.

    Friday 8/15
    10:32AM 1mg.

    Saturday 8/16
    10:27AM 1mg.

    Sunday 8/17
    10:02AM .5mg.

    Monday 8/18
    2:33PM .5mg.

    Tuesday 8/19
    1:02PM .5mg.

    Wednesday 8/20
    10:14AM .5mg
    8:12PM .5mg.

    Thursday 8/21
    10:26AM .5mg.

    Friday 8/22
    7:33AM .5mg.

    Saturday 8/23
    9:45AM .5mg.

    Sunday 8/24
    11:12AM .5mg.

    Monday 8/25 About to make first attempt at Jumping off
    7:27AM .25mg

    Tuesday 8/26

    Wednesday 8/27 No sleep 72 hours can't do it
    9:16PM .5mg.

    Thursday 8/28
    1:23PM .5mg.

    Friday 8/29
    9:55AM .5mg

    Saturday 8/30
    8:48AM .5mg.

    Sunday 8/31 Anxiety over impending doctor visit Rebounding, losing ground
    9:09AM .5mg.
    9:55PM .5mg.

    Monday 9/1 SEVERE ANXIETY Will attempt to regain control after doctor visit on 9/3
    7:47AM .25mg.
    7:22PM .75mg.


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