My Struggle with Opiate Addiction

By kabrinacorso · Apr 18, 2018 · ·
  1. kabrinacorso
    I started Kratom nearly a year ago and i was not one for anything organic or from the earth but this stuff really does work! There is alot of negativity about this stuff but i ignore it.
    I do not ignore the success stories though. If a nurse can swear by it and recommend it to patients she comes across and the doctor even swears by it then i am sold! This stuff has helped so much and it gives me energy as well depending on the strand you take. It helps with the anxiety, cravings, sleep, it gives you energy as well like i said depending on what strand you take.

    I was addicted to Norco, and at one point i tried heroin and it was a very big roller coaster ride that never ended! I'd wake up and pop a few 10 mg Norco's and then start my day and when it started to wear off i took a few more. By the end of the day all of the Norco would be gone. But i had Tramadol which i thought was this wonder drug and i was told it was a non narcotic so i had that to fall back on.

    It held me over til i got my next handful of pills. Then i would start all over again! I worked my way up to taking 80mg Oxycontins and i remember i took 2 of them and got so sick! It is a very powerful medication! I was introduced to heroin and did heroin for about 3 months and i still cannot remember anything from the 3 months at all and to me that is scary because i was driving a very large Chevy Avalanche around the city of Chicago high and anything could have happened, thank God nothing did!

    I would get heroin and then go buy my Oxycontin 80mg at 40 bucks a pill and never got dope sick caus i had the Oxycontin to fall back on. You notice a pattern here? Well after the few months i finally got scared and asked for help, i was put on Methadone i was so happy that i felt so much better and did not have to take anything anymore!

    Well a year or so down the road i decided to wean off of the methadone....very bad idea this stuff is just as addictive if not more addictive than what i was on! I went through literal hell and i don't ever want to do that again!
    I know there are people with legitimate pain that need to take methadone on a daily basis and i am not knocking you for the choice of pain relief at all! I just know now that i should never have even thought of going to the methadone. Since then i have been on pills and i have alot of legal problems.

    I used someones name to obtain a prescription for Tramadol....the non narcotic they say. Well it was addictive and i was told it was not. Clearly it is if i was going to those lengths! Well lets talk about Suboxone haha well i heard about it and how many lives it has changed, which it has but again i have an addictive personality so i got hooked on the Suboxone as well!

    I tried tapering down and went through the same hell as i did with methadone! It took me at least 3 months to get over the withdrawals.I started taking pills again to get off of the Suboxone! They say you get sick when you combine pills with it but it did not happen to me. I got off of the Suboxone by taking what was called Tylox aka Oxycodone aka Percocet.

    So a few more years on those and i finally said thats it i am done. I met a guy and we got engaged and everything was awesome and i loved this man with a passion. July 19th 2012 we had gotten into a huge fight because he was never home and he was always working.
    Bear in mind the job he did i could have gone and helped him remodel houses just so i could see him and spend time with him. He chose to leave me at home. Well after the fight i said i was leaving for a few days to stay at my mom's so when i was about to leave i asked him if he wanted me to stay and he said to go with my family and then come back after a few days so i did.

    When i came back i seen that our car was in the parking area of our place of residence and i immediately got so happy! I went upstairs with my bags and when i walked in i could see him laying on our bed with his feet planted on the ground and when i went into our room i bent down to give him a kiss and he was so cold....i looked at his face and it was a grayish color and his eyes were halfway open. He looked like he was awake but he wasn't, he was dead.

    I touched him and tried to see if maybe he was in fact napping and that the air conditioner being cranked up so high he was just cold. But it was not so. My fiance was dead July 21st 2012. I went into hysterics and called 911 and the police came in with their guns drawn because they heard me screaming and thought that we were fighting when it was just me screaming and crying for him to come back to me.

    They brought me outside while emts worked on him. They never revived him. He was gone....i lost it after that day and went right back to drugs. Fast forward to today and i am still grieving because being on the drugs did not allow me to grieve properly but i found this Kratom and i am off of opiates completely.

    I have had zero cravings and i am happy. Now i just need to start dealing with my grief. One thing at a time right? Or one day at a time ;) me.jpg my kids.jpg

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    Written by: Kabrina Corso, Jul 15, 2017, My Opiate Addiction Spiral- My Journey Back To Life,

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    I am 37 years old i live in Ottawa, Illinois and i am an addict.

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  1. sweetsugar
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 31, 2018
    What a beautifully honest yet tragic story! Thank you So much for sharing it! I hope you get the chance to keep dealing with your grief in a positive way. Your story has really touched me as I've been through something quite similar. Congratulations on being opiate free now!
    Much love peace and empathy

    - SweetSugar


  1. Mingo123
    ACK! How did he die? OMG that is so tragic! Did his death make you relapse? I am glad you are happy now, but wow what a story. Please add a few more details. Thanks!
  2. mechanical elf
    opiates when abused are some rollercoaster,when benzos are added its a new ball game.will never get my 20sback
    hate to say it but im obsessed with needles and the rush now. cocaine used IV will only do now... Methadone has really messed mylife up now! sickness goes onway too long conpaired to H! Does anyone know or tried lf going back to heroin
    daily smoked for week or2 would stop worse methadone withdrawl so l could man up and take shorter h sickness i need to be off methadone fast working 12hr days or ill be thrown on the cold irish streets to die and im not joking about dieing i wont cope any advise would be much appreciated. love too all healh n peace.
  3. Anxious kitty
    I was addicted to heroin aged 17 till 22 I used methadone to come off it, but very very slowly and it worked and I have not touched heroin or methadone since,
    but my anxiety over the past 5 years has got the better of me and now I crave benzodiazpines and any tablets thats a downer, I'm in the UK we don't get oxy's here, well maybe in hospitals etc but not sold on the street, probably a good thing or I'd of tried them by now,
    I think I have heard of Kratom, is it bad for you,like toxic on your liver as I read something like that about Kratom or Kava, will it help with getting off benzos and sleeping tablets? I'm so sorry for your loss that is so very tragic but well done for you to getting clean
  4. Alfa
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